Dan’s Livestream // 2.9.16

He’s confused by the YouNow update

“Hey frizzles welcome to the live shizzle”

Phil apologized for being in the background (he was getting his phone charger)

“Thanks for philling us in there Phil”

Talked about Phil’s double pancake flip

“Film me flip” -Phil

He made his bed for us

“If you’ve got an complaints you can shove them up the orifice of your choice”

The piano is fixed

“No I’m not going to play the piano”

He tried to play World Chef between their videos and gave up 

Sans v Papyrus discussion 

New Undertale and Sims videos have been filmed

US tickets soon (they’ll give warning)

Phil’s birthday

Phil didn’t drop any pancakes

Talked about his new video

When he was singing Barbie Girl his grandad said “moved the hips boy”

Talked about his Yeezy jumper

He didn’t buy the jumper

He’s wearing an Alexander McQueen suit for the Brits that he also didn’t pay for

Phil hates the jumper

“Pooh bear Daniel child”

He thought Beyonce was amazing and Uptown Funk was good by the halftime show in general was average

He preferred last year’s halftime show more

He named someone’s cat “dog”

Documentary discussion 

He was involved in some of the research for the documentary 

He stroked the camera

There were hours filmed for the documentary that wasn’t in it

He was glad that the esports community liked the documentary 

Talked about emotional anime intros

He’s going on holiday with his grandma this coming week

Favorite MCR songs discussions

He’s going to see Deadpool

Louise came over and they filmed like 4 videos with her

All of the tickets won’t be the same prices like they were in the UK

He stroked a cactus and he got needles in his hand

Toe Shore

When the tour show comes out they’ll make sure it’s available worldwide 

He loves Formation and Pillowtalk

Discussed overproduced vocals 

Dan explained what kind of video he wished Pillowtalk had and pretty much he was describing porn

He’s going to listen to Death of a Bachelor on his holiday with his grandma 

He saw the warning about the phone case acid

“You can never have too many mugs. Other than me and Phil who have way too many mugs.”

He did a northern accent

He left to go eat

No liveshow next Tuesday because he’ll be on holiday

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