filmed with a potato sorry


Patrick and Lupe Fiasco performing at 2007 MTV U Award + Pete (x)

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what are sidekicks irt ryden lore

during an interview, ryan was on his phone because his dad had just recently died and he was receiving update texts on the situation and the interviewer took away his phone and then made a joke about ryan “shaking like he’s going through phone withdrawals” and that he had to “pry it from (ryan’s) hands” and idk if the interviewer knew about the situation but it was just in super poor taste and ryan took it really badly and didn’t speak for the rest of the interview and brendon just held his hand for the rest of the time and it was tres awkward

video in question, super shitty quality but the only one there is


how to kill me in 6 seconds of less, a video guide.

Latula [x]

Mituna [x]

Sorry for potatoe quality film. This was with my shit cell. Look, feral pups came out from the woods into a neighbors yard that lives by my relatives I visit. One pup is black!

They run into the woods when people approach but Im hoping those people are working on them.