filmaid international


Although one can easily indulge in round-the-clock partying and schmoozing at Cannes, there are sometimes opportunities to pause and help others. 

At Friday night’s cocktail party hosted by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, wallets and purses were generously opened to donate several hundred thousand dollars to FilmAid International which strives to assist refugees worldwide by using “the power of film and media to transcend language and literacy, bringing life-saving information, psychological relief and much-needed hope to refugees and other communities in need around the globe.”

Watch the attached video to hear Joel, Dr. George Miller, Daniel Brűhl, and other participants speak to the value of FilmAid’s work.


Today in our filmmaking workshop in Dadaab we watched E.T., which none of the guys had ever seen before.  Yesterday we discussed basic screenplay plot development, so I thought we’d use this movie as a way to practice identifying things like the inciting incident, protagonists, plot points, and the climax.  

The first and third photos were taken at the moment E.T. and Elliot are flying on the bicycle.  It was so fun to experience their reactions throughout, but I was the only one that laughed at the line, “It was nothing like that, penis-breath!”  Must have been lost in translation.