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How would the others find out about Matt and Ryan's relationship? Like instead of Mark.

I like to think that after Mark finds out, they’re pretty casual about it.

- When their friends come over, Ryan and Matt continue to sit really close to each other, almost cuddling on the couch. The other guys think it’s just Ryan and Matt acting like they usually do.

- The boys go to hang out with the Game Grumps and Suzy is the only one out of the bunch to notice and ask them in privacy about the very close contact. They decide at that moment to see how long they can go before someone else notices, and they go all out.

- Matt and Ryan sit on the couch next to Arin and Danny, holding hands, and even kissing each other on the cheek every once in awhile. The Grumps response is to laugh and mention how gay they’re acting.

- Ryan keeps his arm wrapped around Matts waist whenever they stand close together, even going as far as to slip his hand into Matts back pocket a few times when one of the guys are behind them.

- By the end of the day, Matt, Ryan, Mark, and Suzy are amazed at how oblivious Arin and Dan are to what’s going on. Mark jokes that they still wouldn’t get it even if Ryan made out with Matt in front of them. Ryan takes him up on that challenge.

- They all sit together to play a game, and Ryan and Matt are the first two to get out (on purpose). While the others are playing, Ryan pulls Matt into his lap, grabbing his face and pressing their lips together as Arin, Dan, Mark, and Suzy look on.

“Duuuude the cameras aren’t even rolling! You guys weren’t kidding when you said you’d do anything for comedy…” Arin and Dan were laughing and Mark banged his head on the table.

“It’s not for comedy Jesus Christ, we’re dating.” Matt wiggles out of Ryans lap and situates himself next to the bigger man as Arin and Dan process the info.

“Oh. Well shit, that’s good to know. Explains all the gay shenanigans you two have been up to.” 

- It wasn’t long before they were all focused back on the game

- Matt and Ryan recorded a video a day later and in it they stared at each other for a second too long and within a few minutes of the video being uploaded they were bombarded with comments and questions asking if they were dating.

- Ryan and Matt both made tweets that simply read “yes”

- Everyone knew what they meant

I really do feel like Matt and Ryan aren’t the type of people to make grand announcements for personal things like relationships that aren’t necessary for us to know, so something like this makes a lot of sense to me. But hey, thats me personally.