for some reason this past 2 weeks ive noticed a lot of progress in regards to HRT. maybe its just because ive been focusing of losing weight and building muscle this past month after taking a break for the summer.

I wish you weren’t all that i wanted. Im crying or my eyes are red and puffy and i feel numb
The automatic coping of pushing whatever i am feeling away and replacing it with nothing is a hard fight to keep up with.
Do i feel or numb and lose myself again
I dont know how to handle anything and i dont want to think because i dont want to ask myself what this is going to mean and i dont want to think about how im laying in bed and not on the phone with him like ususal. Because at the end of almost every day that made me feel a sense of security.
Its 1:30 and i have work tomorrow and i cant stop fighting with myself on feeling or not feeling and i am exhausted from the past several days. (7+) i feel like everytime someoje like this happens the less i can process thoughts through my head i am tired of fucking thinkijg does that nake sense im jusy truing to talk because i dont wanna remember that my HEART IS FUCKING BROKEN

i’m re-watching parks and rec with my dad and holy hell, i already headcanoned this but i’m noticing so much more now: leslie is so autistic it hurts


  • uses literal scripts during canvassing that cover pretty much every scenario
  • “can i take you on a quick tour?” “oh, i’ve actually been here already.” *pause, leslie does not know what to do next* “…quick tour?”
  • special interest in government, like it literally means everything to her
  • extreme difficulty with social cues (ron not being super friendly, not getting when tom’s making fun of her, not realizing everyone was reading her and ann as gay in “the banquet”)
  • seemingly out-of-place optimism when it comes to achieving things within her special interest
  • EXTREME devotion to the rules. like she emails the entire pawnee government that she broke a rule because ron refused to whistle blow since he didn’t see it as a big deal, so she feels she has to do it
  • overly friendly with people she likes (she decides ann is her best friend like immediately, she treats everyone in parks like close family, etc)
  • in the ep where she and tom are staking out the garden and tom gets arrested, she starts to have a breakdown when the policeman insists that tom was breaking the law and ann and mark suggest they just go home. starts repeating “no, no, no!” loudly and with a physical motion behind it
  • she assumes that everyone is as passionate about their jobs as she is about hers and doesn’t know how to interact with people if she can’t bond with them over her special interests (“i just don’t know if i could be with someone who doesn’t know who madeleine albright is. i mean, could you be with someone who doesn’t love giving vaccinations?”)
  • when flustered/angry/upset, starts speaking in sentence fragments and sounds that only sometimes make sense and/or are applicable to the situation
  • is often unaware that others are reacting poorly to something she did (like thinking it’s weird or making fun of it)

anyways we’ve only watched like 9 episodes together but it’s so clearly a thing like pretty much explicitly and i love it


          It is not society that determines people’s futures. 

                                                   It is people who determine society’s future.
Asaltan la casa del Fiscal Anticorrupción de Murcia y le roban los documentos de todos sus casos

[…] La casa del Fiscal Anticorrupción de la Región de Murcia, Juan Pablo Lozano, ha sido asaltada por unos ladrones, que despreciaron las joyas, televisores y otros objetos de valor, y solo se llevaron el ordenador personal con los sumarios de todas las causas de corrupción y una tarjeta con las claves de su móvil. […]

Pero los ladrones quizá no contaban con que el Fiscal Anticorrupción guarda una copia íntegra en un ‘pendrive’ de todos los documentos de los casos de corrupción.