I’ll fool myself, she’ll walk right in
And as the long, long nights begin
I’ll think of all that might have been
Waiting here for evermore

y’all: the old taylor is dead!! the new taylor is mean!! she’s cold!! she’s distant!! we lost her!! i don’t like this new taylor!!

taylor: anyway here’s videos of me eating cookie dough and playing with my cat


My thoughts on what Kendrick said about that Bechloe scene

First the video I’m talking about:

You have to realize what happened there! Basically:

Q: “Who will be Becas love interest in PP3?”

A: “We filmed a Beca+Chloe scene.”

THIS is already pretty clear! What else is that supposed to mean?

Bonus: She explained again that the Trebles won’t be there AND she killed everything related to “Theca”!

And another thing you gotta realize: This is now the 2nd time she talked about THAT SCENE in public. They filmed the scene to make Bechloe canon. Now they are discussing if they will put it into the movie or not.

“It will scare away the homophobes but the Bechloe fandom will love us. What should we do to make the best movie and the most money from all of this?”

They don’t know yet. That’s why they filmed the scene, so that they now have time to decide.

But I am SO thankful to have Anna Kendrick as supportive captain of this ship!

She used her 5 minutes at vidCon to basically say: “Hi, I’m Anna Kendrick and I love Bechloe. And we filmed a scene to make it canon but don’t know if we should put it in or not!”

And now again, on an event that had NOTHING to do with PP, to a question that didn’t even mention Chloe, she talks about Bechloe and that scene AGAIN!

And that just shows how passionate and caring she is for Bechloe herself!

She really stands up for Bechloe! I heard in PP1 she stood up to prevent a “Beca-Jesse-Luke”- love triangle. Now she single-handedly killed Theca and stands up AGAIN to push them to put the Bechloe scene into the movie.

This was incredibly awesome and unique, and makes her my fucking HERO!

And now she is basically asking us to help her. To join the fight and make Universal put in this Bechloe scene.

And if their solution is to put it onto some “bonus features”, I think that’d be the best solution for everybody:

  • Assholes will think: “It’s another universe just to finally shut up those Bechloe-weirdos.”
  • Normal people will have a new angle to look at things.
  • We will see it as a canonness confirmation, hidden to not freak homophobes out.

Anyway, Idk why the fandom seems to sad about this, I think its good news, its definitive news and I think maybe Kendrick now asked us a 2nd time to just say what we want! To convince the Universal to put that scene in!

We controlled that vidCon chat hours before the pp event even started…

We destroyed any competition in the teen choice votings when they were still open and fair!

We are a force to be reckoned with! And Kendrick knows that! She counts on us! Just as we count on her! We need to show them that there are more Bechloe hyping fans than homophobic assholes in this movie world!

Bonus thoughts:

  1. If they put the scene in, the following scenes will be all couplely-ish, right?And if they DONT put it in, the following scenes will still be the same! Like their awesome hug in the final performance for example, probably more!
  2. Do you think we saw that scene already? I mean, any pics from the day of filming? Is it maybe the one with Bechloe and Amy in bed? Did Beca and Chloe come closer? To a kiss? Close to that? And then Amy interrupted? Is it just the hug in the final performance? That would be slightly disappointing but also unlikely…

you are going to meet taylor swift.

hear me out. imagine actually meeting taylor. taylor swift. she watched you for months and chose you from social media. you won a contest. you were hand picked out of thousands of other screaming fans at a concert. no matter how it came to be, it’s happening. your heart pounds as you sit and wait, stand and wait, pace and wait. suddenly, there’s a voice. “okay, guys! get ready!” time stops. the door opens and there she is. she’s so tall, smiling so wide, you’re scared to look directly at her. the room fills with a collective gasp. a few people begin to cry. you can’t hold it in, so maybe you start crying as well. your hands shake. you shake. it’s a blur as she goes to people one by one by one, and then it’s you. you almost want to back away as she gets closer, but soon enough she’s saying your name like you’re her favorite person in the world. she wraps you up in a tight hug, and you bury yourself against her. you breathe. she smells like flowers, like sweets, like fruit. you don’t want to let go, but you remember a conversation would be nice. you talk about your outrageous outfit, that one funny post, the show, her cats, your cats, everything, and nothing. she’s laughing at all of your terrible jokes. you have to keep reminding yourself to breathe. stop crying. you remember to tell her that she means everything to you, and you thank her for that. “what should our pictures look like?!” you know this. you’ve rehearsed them in your head a hundred times. pose. it’s a hug, she kisses your cheek, you kiss hers, bridal style lift, piggyback ride. the camera flashes. she gives you one final hug and a whisper. she’ll see you back online, she’ll see you at the next show. she loves you. you say it back. you let her go and watch her leave. this was just the best moment of your life.

congratulations, you have just met taylor swift.