A step-by-step presentation of my commission, sketched & coloured by the talented tumblr artist - balamist​!

This piece was $20/£13, because it has two characters ,but for one character is $15/£10! 

The artist was so helpful and really responsive to all of my suggestions and requirements!

Here’s a link to their commission info post!!

Highly recommend!! Great style, line art, and colour!!

This is actually my birthday present to myself and i love it so much

do you ever read something so ridiculous you need to take a moment to consider if continuing to live in this world is a good idea

newly arranged b5 shelf with some other stuff 

him: are u ok
me: I’m fine
me (internally): how did the treblemakers win the riff off when the only team cut off was the high notes? what happened to the bu harmonics? they didn’t get cut off. how come they ended it after the bellas got cut off? how did they just let that happen? what kind of college has 4 a capella groups? why did they have to add the two extras? the directors obviously don’t know anything about college. what kind of dorm room is beca living in? where is kimmy jin’s bed?