Seeking New Legacies - Maria Salazar (POTC)
Being the child of a most infamous pirate hunter doesn’t make it easy to make your way as a pirate yourself.


La Hija De Juan Simon - Rosalia // The Pirate That Should Not Be - Rodrigo y Gabriela // Salazar - Geoff Zanelli // Men of War - Brian Tyler // Angry and Dead Again - Rodrigo y Gabriela // Son Tus Ojos Dos Estrellas - Buleria - Camaron De La Isla and Paco de Lucia // El Matador Del Mar - Geoff Zanelli // South of Heaven’s Chanting Mermaids - Rodrigo y Gabriela // Tientos - Marco Marin, Dominic Soulard, and Eric Breton // The Devil’s Triangle - Geoff Zanelli // La Havana - Joe Henson and Alexis Smith // La Reina de Tu Ajedrez (Tanguillos) - Argentina // Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Main Theme - Brian Tyler // What Shall We Die For - Hans Zimmer

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PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN –> Fathers and Children

You knew my father. I knew him. Good man. Good pirate.

Not sorry  but if the new pirates film isn’t about the Pirate King, Captain Elisabeth Swann Turner, sweeping in wearing an incredible pirate outfit on the level of this, to save her man from being Davy Jones and carrying him out of the flying dutchman bridal style as both their crews cheer and their wedding theme blasts in the background then what’s the actual point.

I honestly don’t need more new basic characters or more jack sparrow goodbye.