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It’s done, I’m sorry it took so long but here it is, the Yandere Ignis fic you have all been waiting for. This is part of the “Insomnia’s Tits Yandere Chocobros AU”, which might actually mean something in the future. 

This is an Ignis x Reader fic and features Rape and Non-con, Kidnapping, Forced Orgasms, Restraints etc. Not for the faint of heart, please stay safe.

Tagging some insane Thots. 

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Hijab: I dare you.

I am told that I’ll burn in hell for not wearing a hijab. This probably means nothing to an atheist, but can you imagine what it means to a God fearing, pious girl? Tell me that the hijab is a choice and not a compulsion. Tell me. I DARE YOU.

I am told that my body is a piece of property, that the hijab will protect me from the lustful gazes of perverts. I am constantly compared to money that is kept safe in a bank. I am told that robbers are tempted to steal money that is left in the open rather than money which is in the bank. Tell me that this is not objectification and body shaming. Tell me. I DARE YOU.

I am greeted with dirty judgemental glares whenever I go to a family gathering and my hijab isn’t in place or if my sleeves are not up to my wrists or if my kurta is form fitting. I have had elderly women reach out and pull my hijab over my hair when it slips back, without bothering to ask me whether I’m ok with some of my hair showing. And when I remove my hijab and put it into my bag, some of my friends and cousins, who I would expect to be more liberal, keep asking me why I do it and telling me that I shouldn’t. Tell me that this isn’t peer pressure. Tell me. I DARE YOU.

Tell me once more that the hijab is a choice and not a compulsion.

I dare you.

It is not enough that the conditions of labour are concentrated at one pole of society in the shape of capital, while at the other pole are grouped masses of men who have nothing to sell but their labour-power. Nor is it enough that they are compelled to sell themselves voluntarily. The advance of capitalist production develops a working class which by education, tradition and habit looks upon the requirements of that mode of production as self-evident natural laws. The organization of the capitalist process of production, once it is fully developed, breaks down all resistance. The constant generation of a relative surplus population keeps the law of the supply and demand of labour, and therefore wages, within narrow limits which correspond to capital’s valorization requirements. The silent compulsion of economic relations sets the seal on the domination of the capitalist over the worker. Direct extra-economic force is still of course used, but only in exceptional cases. In the ordinary run of things, the worker can be left to the ‘natural laws of production’, i.e. it is possible to rely on his dependence on capital, which springs from the conditions of production themselves, and is guaranteed in perpetuity by them. It is otherwise during the historical genesis of capitalist production. The rising bourgeoisie needs the power of the state, and uses it to 'regulate’ wages, i.e. to force them into the limits suitable for making a profit, to lengthen the working day, and to keep the worker himself at his normal level of dependence. This is an essential aspect of so-called primitive accumulation.
—  Marx, Karl. (1976) Capital: Volume 1. London; Penguin. p.899-900

anonymous asked:

When I was growing when it came to certain things that society wanted from me and I didn't agree, when I encountered this thing in media I felt immense pressure inside to be that way to the point of "you can't be otherwise it's your fate". And in order to avoid this I needed to watch only something that said the opposite thing very vigorously. So I wonder if someone saying "fic made me think it's ok" have similar problem? Maybe they have this pressure inside and if they don't see 1/2

if they don’t see NO!NO!BAD!THING! signs everywhere then they feel that pressure? Or if they don’t see for example gay people being pastel happy but see more dark version than it triggers similar fears, as if someone telling them that it’s what awaits them. That being said therapy helped me with such thing way more fast than trying to read only right stuff. 2/2

I’ve had this sitting in my askbox for ages.

Honestly, I’d believe it. this sounds like a form of compulsion that can stem from certain mental illnesses, so probably some people do feel a terror that they will experience or become anything they view.

And the concept of ‘garbage in, garbage out’ that stems from a massive oversimplification of certain principles from Christianity probably doesn’t help. The idea is that you spend time on what you value and you will speak and act out of that value - so if you spend time on ‘bad’ things, you will speak and act on ‘bad’ things. Enjoy a ‘bad’ show? I guess you value that! now you’re going to copy it. that’s just how it is. garbage in, garbage out.

Humans are more complicated than that. Sorry.

The individual is destroyed through compulsion

Organized religion, organized belief, and totalitarian states are very similar because they all want to destroy the individual through compulsion, through propaganda, through various forms of coercion. The organized religion does the same thing, only in a different way. There, you must accept, you must believe, you are conditioned. The whole tendency both of the left and of the so-called spiritual organizations is to mold the mind to a particular pattern of conduct because the individual left to himself becomes a rebel. So, the individual is destroyed through compulsion, through propaganda, and is controlled, dominated, for the sake of the society, for the sake of the state and so on. The so-called religious organizations do the same, only a little more suspiciously, a little more subtly, because, there too, people must believe, must repress, must control, and all the rest of it. The whole process is to dominate the self in one form or another. Through compulsion, collective action is sought. That is what most organizations want, whether they be economic organizations or religious. They want collective action, which means that the individual should be destroyed. Ultimately, it can only mean that. You accept the Left, the Marxist theory or the Hindu, Buddhist or the Christian doctrines, and thereby you hope to bring about collective action.

- Jiddu Krishnamurrti - Collected Works, Vol. VI",279,Individual and Society

Despite what Monk or the company Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics might have you think, OCD doesn’t necessarily mean you’re neat and particular. Those of you into freak shows (sorry, reality shows): Have you ever seen that show Hoarders? Hoarding is often a symptom of OCD.Compulsions vary. Sometimes they correspond to fears, like washing your hands because you’re scared of contamination. Sometimes there’s no real logic behind them, like when you have to jump over a line on the floor because otherwise everybody you know will die horribly and it will be all your fault.

Many don’t have physical compulsions at all, instead suffering from “purely obsessional” OCD, where all they have are obsessions. And some people with diagnosed OCD even obsessively doubt the fact that they have OCD. How’s that for a mindfuck?

OCD, at heart, is an anxiety disorder. Yet movie and TV characters with OCD are often shown washing their hands or straightening things, never suffering from overbearing anxiety. This is probably because writing is hard and it’s easier to show someone cleaning than to show someone going through extreme mental anguish.

4 Things No One Tells You About Having OCD