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Jane Anonymous has been a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for more than a decade. She takes the work of picking Hollywood’s yearly bests as seriously as you’d hope: “The way I vote is that I’ll watch every movie, and then I look at the ballot. Sometimes I’ll watch them again. For acting, I’m going to pay attention to how deep they are in the role. If I forget I’m watching an actor or actress, it’s a good sign I’ll vote for them.”

Jane is one of only 6,687 people who vote on the Oscars. The Academy has the kind of voter participation rate Diddy would literally kill for – over 90 percent of them vote each year. But that doesn’t mean everyone who votes has seen all the movies they’re voting on. Jane insists, “Even if we saw it in theaters, we’ll see it again. You have to remember the voters are actors, actresses, directors, and all types of crew. They love films. The Academy represents their industry, and they’re going to pick who is best.”

But members of the Academy are also garden-variety human beings, like all of us. They watch (or don’t watch) movies based on what looks interesting and feels relevant to them. This poll from 2015 reveals that there were no Best Picture nominees that had actually been seen by every voter.

An Oscar Voter Explains Why The Academy Always Gets It Wrong

To celebrate the 2017 Academy Awards this Sunday, I’ve done comics for 10 of this year’s Oscar nominated films… from the point of view of animals who were in them. This is HIDDEN FIGURES. Check back periodically between now and Sunday night to see them all!