Short Film--how many stars?

The official voting ends tomorrow, but I know some people can’t be bothered to sign up for an account to vote, so let’s have an informal poll of our own.

Give each of the seven short films (Consumed, The Groundskeeper, The Mary Alice Brandon File, Masque, Sunrise, Turncoats, and We’ve Met Before) a “star” rating like professional movie critics do: The best rating being 4 stars, the worst being rating 0 stars.

You may use half stars, but try to avoid ¾ stars or something because that will make this harder on me. 

You may give two (or three, or four, etc) different films the same rating. 

If we get enough respondents I’ll do some math and make a chart or graph or something. :) 

lately i’ve been thinking about twilight–namely, Bella Swan.

Bella Swan could have been a great heroine if she didn’t get the story she got. If she was given better writing, Bella’s story would have been something I would have loved to read.

A story where when Edward leaves, and Bella does grieve. It’s natural to feel hurt after a break up like that. But after her months feeling numb, I want Bella to pick herself up and think “fuck you.” She starts doing reckless things at first to see Edward, maybe, but then she starts doing them for her because they’re fun and she feels alive. She realizes she’s seventeen! and there’s so much more to life than waiting around for a boy to come around and love her. She doesn’t need to depend on someone that deeply. She’s going to live and she’s going to love and she’s going to do it all.

maybe she does date Jacob, they grow close and without her waiting for Edward she is happy. She goes through her senior year–she applies to college far away, out of state, across the country, out of the country. She loves Charlie but she misses the sunlight. Maybe she goes to school in California–somewhere new. She and Jacob break up eventually but they remain friends. 

and maybe Edward shows up again–maybe before she goes to college. he tells her “I made a huge mistake when I left.” And Bella Swan looks him in the eye and tells him “You made the biggest mistake of your immortal life and you’ll have to live with that forever.” and she walks the fuck away.

She travels, she studies abroad, she meets extraordinary people, she falls in and out of love, she dates, she learns how to dance. she lives. She doesn’t throw her life away for a vampire boy who she just met, a boy who treats her like she’s an object, a boy who left her without a glance back until it was too late.

Maybe when she’s in college she comes into contact with Alice again, Alice who had always been a friend to her. Bella sends her postcards every couple months from wherever she is, from California, from her travelling abroad, from her visiting her mother. She knows fully well that Edward will probably see them. and she thinks good.

let him see me live

To this day it doesn’t make complete sense why Bella is a shield when throughout all the books she kept having premonitions as dreams. It’s one of the few consistent things about the saga. It was used as a plot device when it could have been so much more. It feels like a waste. 

If Bella had to have any power as a vampire, it should have been a future telling one, one different from Alice’s. Alice’s power is based on decision making where she can see various outcomes. To differ from Alice, Bella’s power would hypothetically not be able to do that. Bella would only be able to see one outcome, but not know when or where it would happen. And because it’s definite, Alice would not know who’s decision it is nor would she be able to change it. 

It would explain why Alice feels an immediate connection to Bella, why she’s so insistent on being friends and live vicariously through Bella’s human experiences. Because they would share a similar power that’s hard to live with. 

Bella being a shield ties things up too nicely, makes it too convenient, too perfect. And robs Bella of proper character development. In Eclipse, she’s reckless. She decides to cut herself based on the Third Wife story and almost gets herself killed. A premonition type of power where she only sees a little of whats to happen, could have made her learn to calm down and think more logically. It could have been used to carry the E\B relationship to a more mature level where neither of them are hiding anything from one another. Where they properly learn to work together, instead of BD where Edward knows she’s hiding something but is apparently okay with it. 

A shield is cool, but I would rather Bella be that weird vampire whose mind Edward can never read and has weird visions every once and awhile. 

Imagine... Seth imprints on you and your going to meet the pack for the first time when they find you two making out

“Don’t worry y/n they’re going to love you, I promise!” Seth was trying to calm me down because I was meeting the rest of the pack today, I already knew Jacob, he had been one of my best friends since we were little but it was the rest of the pack that I was worried about.

Seth had imprinted on me, it took me a while to get over the whole concept of there being werewolves and vampires living in forks, that they were sworn enemies but had a mutual respect for each other because all they wanted to do was protect people like me but I knew that I loved Seth more than life itself and although it took a while I came around because I wanted to be with Seth and be a part of his world. I really wanted today to go well, not just for my benefit but for Seth’s as well, if I didn’t get along with the pack then it would crush him and I couldn’t bear to see him get hurt that way.

“But what if they don’t babe? I mean I know they have to tolerate me but that doesn’t mean they have to like me, what if they think I’m too bubbly or they think my nose is too big?” Seths’ eyebrows shot up, i knew that these things were stupid thongs to be afraid about but they were thing that really mattered to me,

“They may seem like silly reasons to get worked up about but it’s the small things that matter to me even if they don’t matter to you.” I was beginning to have a mental break down, I really wanted them to like me.

“Of course what you think matters to me beautiful, I love you with all my heart and I think your the most perfect girl to ever walk this planet but the things your worrying about are nothing to be nervous about. Your bubbly personality is what makes you you, that’s what everyone loves about you, that you can get along with absolutely anyone and that nose is the cutest damn thing I have ever seen.”

Before I knew it I found myself in a passionate embrace with Seth, god I loved him so much and I was never going to let him go. Our lips fit perfectly and moved in sync with one another’s.

“I love you” I whispered lightly in his ear before being pushed onto the sofa where we made out for a solid five minutes, bwfore being interupted by a short cough, both of us stopped only to find the whole pack stood by the door sniggering while Emily had moved towards us to welcome me,

“Ughhh … Hi” I managed to mutter at them before turning as red as a tomato and bursting into a fit if laughter myself.

Well at least we got of to a ‘great’ start …


another meme i won’t finish ― eight male characters:

Edward Cullen: “You’re not asleep, and you’re not dead. I’m here, and I love you. I have always loved you, and I will always love you. I was thinking of you, seeing your face in my mind, every second that I was away. When I told you that I didn’t want you, it was the very blackest kind of blasphemy.”