the disney movie nobody asked for

How the heck are there still people out there trying to say that Amy Adams is a nobody??? Like she’s the definition of unproblematic, she’s been through so much in her life, and now she’s a 5 time academy award nominated actress, who is a part of a huge franchise and is the OG live action princess. Not to mention she was just the lead of one of the smartest alien arrival movies that I’ve ever seen, which made a bucketload of money at the box office, which is massive for a female actress over 40.
Like I get it though, you hate women who don’t punch people in superhero movies, but chill the fuck out.


This is the original test that I animated before we started production on Enchanted. It was done to test out the character and production design as well as our production pipeline. The sound comes from one of Amy Adam’s audition tapes which is why it sounds like it was recorded in a hotel room (which I believe it was!). Enjoy.