film: zero dark thirty

The media and blogosphere indulged in a great deal of speculation and rumour during the top-secret filming of “Zero Dark Thirty,” but Jessica Chastain said that none of it bothered her except for one spectacularly off-base pronouncement:

“They were saying that Joel Edgerton was the lead in the movie and that I was his wife because, of course, Jessica must be the wife. Every time I read that, I wanted to punch somebody.”

“Powerful women on screen are generally written up in two ways: manly and tough, or sexy female spy who uses her feminine wiles to get what she wants. Maya is neither: she’s a woman who uses her brain.” 


Shortly after he finished filming on the opulent set of Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby,’ Joel headed off to the Jordanian desert to begin training for 'Zero Dark Thirty.'  With a heavy dose of mock horror, he said that it was quite a shock to his delicate system:

“An experience like ‘Gatsby’ really spoils you because you are treated like a king. You’re given a big trailer, someone brings fresh flowers to your trailer, there are dates and walnuts and coconut water in your fridge … really living large.“

Then, when he suddenly found himself roughing it in the torrid desert, “sharing a cubicle with five other guys, half of them military, and carrying 50-60 kilos of equipment … It was like, 'Baz!  Come and save me!’  You get a reality check."