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Does This Make You Happy? - Alex Summers pt. 3

Summary : When you decide to go on a date with the ice-cream shop boy, you come to the realization that you’re still in love with Alex. When you talk to him about it, things go in a completely different direction.

Word Count : 3.1k

Warnings : angst, sadness, fluff,  minimal cursing, smut, oral (f), unprotected sex (wrap it before ya tap it)

Prompt : (70) “I tried to move on, but nobody is you.”  (74) “I can’t take the lonlieness anymore.”

Pairing : Alex summers x mutant!reader

A/N : last part to this little mini Alex Summers fic. I hope you guys enjoyed it, and please remember that you are always welcome to message me!

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One month and two weeks. A month and two weeks since you saw Alex. You had visited Leo quite often, seeing as though the entire group of people would drag you out to the mall just so that you’d be able see Leo.

As you sat at one of tables in the food court of the mall, you couldn’t help but glance around, hoping to find Leo in the sea full of people. Sighing you stand up, deciding that he’s probably just to busy to come and say hi. You pushed in your chair starting to walk away when you heard your name being called out.

“Y/N! Y/N, hey wait up!” You turn around to see Leo rushing towards you, a smile on his face. You smile back, standing there and waiting for him to catch up to you. When he did he wrapped you in his arms, calming your nerves a bit. Leo pushed away and walked the two of your over to an empty table, his hand still connected in yours. You gave a weak smile, repositioning yourself in your chair. “So how’ve you been?” He asked, a grin on his face.

Shrugging, your free hand went to the bracelet that Alex had given to you. You never took it off, never have and never will; it was just something to keep you calm. “Good I guess, just trying to get back into the swing of things.” Leo nodded, seeming to understand your situation. “How are you though?” Leo mimicked your previous actions.

“Things are good, I think I’m falling for someone.” He beamed, eyes locking with yours. Your heart started thumping hard against your chest, and you thought that you may have a heart attack at any moment now. Gulping you glanced to the side of him.

“And who is this mystery person that you speak of, Leo?”

You could tell he was nervous just by the look in his eyes, but his voice was calm and smooth. “You.” His words made your head turn back to meet his gaze. “Y/N, I know we’ve only known each other for a month or so, and you’re still getting over that Alex guy, but will go on one date with me? Please?” Leo didn’t sound desperate, he sounded like he genuinely wanted to take you out on a date. And you being you, said yes because you didn’t want to be a mean person.

Leo cheered so loud, that most of the people in the food court turned their heads to see what was going on. Leo sat back down after a minute of doing a little happy dance. He looked down at his watch, sighing. “I have to get back to work, but tomorrow night I’m taking you out.” He stood up, pushing in his chair. “I’ll be at the school by 8:00.” With that, Leo gave a small kiss to your cheek and walked back to the ice-cream shop.

What had you just gotten yourself into?

The following day came all to quickly. When you got back to the school you were harassed with questions from your friends about Leo. “What happened?” “Did he ask you out?” “When are you guys going on your date?” “Can I help you pick out your outfit?” You laughed at your friends, pushing them away just enough to where you had your own room.

“Yes he did ask me out, and yes I said yes. We’re going out tonight, and yes you may help me with my outfit.” Your friends cheered, smiling and saying how cute you and Leo would be, but then again they said that when you and Alex started dating too. Shaking away the memories of Alex, you let your friends lead you up to your room and start getting you ready for your date.

Jubilee blasted her music, her, Jean, Ororo, and yourself screaming out the lyrics at the top of your lungs. Jean did your makeup, Ororo did your hair, and Jubilee picked out your outfit. You knew that with this bunch, your outfit was going to be tight and short, so short.

After two hours of getting you ready to perfection, the girls showed yo what you were going to be wearing. It was a Navy blue short sleeve dress with flowers sewn onto it, with a black leather jacket and black wedges. In your opinion, it wasn’t that bad. You grabbed the dress, heading to the bathroom and changing into the outfit picked out for you. When you lifted your head, you could hardly recognize the person in the mirror. You took in a deep breathe, opening the door and stepping out into the bedroom. The girl’s jaws dropped down to the ground when they saw you. Your cheeks flushed a bright pink, your head ducking low.

Only fifteen minutes passed before you and the girls decided to head down to the front doors and greet Leo. Just as the four of you reached the last step, Peter opened the door and on the other side of the thresh hold stood Leo. He wore a black tux, white shirt, and a tie that was wrapped loosely around his neck. His face lit up when he saw you, his eyes sparkling. You smiled back, not being able to help the blush that burned your cheeks. Leo walked in, going straight towards you and giving you a tight hug. You hugged back of course, but it felt different… your heart didn’t speed up and you didn’t get butterflies in your stomach. Somehow, now you began to question whether or not you really wanted to go on this date.

Leo grabbed your hand, tugging it softly. “Ready?” He asked. You turned your head and looked at him, nodding with a small smile. As the two of you walked out and your turned to wave to you friends, you saw Alex watching you from the top o the stair case, his eyes red and puffy. He looked broken.

You took in a deep breathe before closing the mansion door behind you. Leo lead you to what was most likely his car, and opened the passenger door for you. You smiled at him before getting into the car and fastening the seat belt around your body. Leo got into the drivers side, started the car and than began to drive away from the mansion.

“So I was thinking dinner, and then a walk around the park?” He said, almost as a question as he drove. You nodded, looking out the window and watching as everything passed by.

Leo pulled up to a somewhat fancy restaurant only a few minutes later, helping you out of the car before walking into the restaurant. He had already reserved a table and gotten a space in the back near the window. The two of you sat down in silence, then waited for the waiters to come and ask for your orders. You were distracted, very distracted. Your thoughts kept wondering to Alex, the way he looked when you left with Leo, and the day you and him had your first date. Even though it was three years ago, it still felt like it was yesterday.

You could remember smell the burnt food that Alex was trying so desperately to prepare, the mini food fight the two of you had, fighting over which pizza toppings to get because you’re food was ruined, and your first kiss while you two were cuddled up on the couch and talking. Your heart still ached whenever you thought of him.

A cough pulled you from your haze, and dropped you back into reality. The waitress stood by the side of your table impatiently, notepad and pen in her hands. Leo looked at you, like he knew you really didn’t want to be here, but he kept a smile on his face.

“So, Miss, what would you like to order?” The waitress asked. You were so off in your own little world you had completely forgotten about the menu. You coughed, scanning it quickly before ordering. The waitress left, grumbling something under her breathe. Yo sighed, taking a stray piece of hair behind your ear. Leo looked a bit disappointed at the fact that you looked and were acting like you didn’t want to be there with him.

“What were you thinking about?” Leo asked, folding his hands in his lap. You shrugged, head hanging low. “It was about Alex, wasn’t it?” He knew. Oh boy, he knew.

You nodded slowly, sighing heavily as you looked up. “Yeah, I just… I can’t-.” He shook his head, cutting you off.

“You’re not ready to move on, I get it.” He gave a sad smile. “But let’s at least enjoy tonight, right? We both got dressed up and ready, so let’s enjoy our meal and then I’ll take you back to mansion. Deal?” You nodded, happy that he understood.


You and Leo talked while you ate. You acted normal, even though you knew that both of your were hurting. He was upset that you were still in love with your ex, and you were upset that you were still in love with Alex and always would be.

After dinner you still walked around the park, still talking but mostly about your powers. Leo seemed awfully interested in them, but you didn’t mind, it felt nice to have someone actually like who you  were .

“So, can you like fly and stuff?” Leo asked. You laughed shaking your head.

“No, and no.” You held out your hand. “But I can do something else.” Leo took your hand, feeling a spark shoot through his body as he began to levitate  off the ground a bit. He gasped loudly before breaking out into a smile. You walked in a circle, Leo’s body still floating as you did so. He came down slowly, his body feeling all buzzy now. You chuckled. “It’ll take a while for that feeling to  go away.

Leo nodded, sighing softly, “Guess it’s time to take you home now?” He asked, You nodded, mumbling a small ‘yeah’. He followed your wishes, taking you back to the mansion. The drive was  silent, but it was also calm, something that you had never really experience before. When you arrived at the mansion, Leo insisted on walking you to the front doors. You thanked him for the night, apologizing for the way you felt but he simply shrugged it off. With a kiss to your cheek Leo left the mansion, leaving you outside.

You took in a deep breathe, pushing the door open. Of course, no one was out on the main floor, they were probably already in bed. You walked up the steps, your feet leading you to Alex’s room, instead of your own. Before you could even knock on his door, it flew open to reveal a mess that was Alex. His eyes were still puffy and red, but now his hair was a mess as well. You sucked in a breathe, not having seen him like this since he got back from the war.

“Hi.” You breathed out, your eyes not leaving his.

Alex shifted. “Hey.”

“C-can I talk to you? For a minute?” Alex nodded, moving out of the way to let you in. You watched Alex sit on one of his chairs in the room, and slowly you sat on the bed.

In unison you both spoke, “I’m sorry.” Your eyes shifted upwards as did Alex’s. You coughed, letting him speak first.

“I’m sorry about what I said, I didn’t mean it. Words just came tumbling out of my mouth before I even knew what I was saying, and I’m just… I’m sorry.” He held his head in his hands.

“I’m sorry too, for not letting you explain and for blowing up on you like I did.” You sighed, looking down at your folded hands. “I tried to move on, but nobody is you.” Alex’s head lifted a bit, to where you could see his teary eyes. “No one has any of the qualities that you do, and I fell for your qualities and now I can’t thin about living life with someone else if I’m not with you.”

“I can’t take the loneliness anymore.” Alex’s voice cracked, making your heart clench. You hated seeing him in pain, just as much as he hated seeing you in pain. Yo stood up, walking over to him and kneeling in front of him. “I need you, please. I need you in my life, Y/N.” He pleaded, and you nodded, your own tears streaking your face. Thank god for waterproof makeup.

You scanned his face for a minute, before leaning upwards and pressing your lips to his in a very much need kiss. He didn’t hesitate to kiss back, he needed this just as much as you did. The two of you stood up, hands roaming each other’s clothed bodies and tugging at the materials. You were the first one to pull of Alex’s t-shirt, than his sweat pants. After that he pulled off your jacket and dress, leaving you in your panties and bra. You could see his ember harden under his boxer briefs, making you smile and giggle softy. His face instantly lit up at the sound of your laugh.

“God have I missed your laugh.” He said, diving down and catching your lips in his. His hands reached under your ass, tugging you up and forcing you to wrap your legs around his lower back. He carried you over to the bed, laying you down on your back, and not once did he break the kiss. You used each other’s oxygen to keep your kiss going, to keep the moment moving.

Alex took his time in gliding his lips down your neck and then your clothed chest. His hands cupped your chest, squeezing your breasts through the thin material of your bra. You squeaked at his firm grip, forgetting how hard he used to hold your breasts in his palm. His hands slid behind your back, pulling the material down and throwing it to the side. His lips attached to your right nipple, sucking and licking at it softly. A tiny moan escaped your lips, making Alex smiled against our skin. He pulled away from your nipple, a light purple mark began to form on the soft flesh. He did the same thing to your left nipple, leaving purple marks on your skin, letting you know that you were his and only his.

His lips and tongue dragged down your stomach, leaving the same purple bruises, until he reached the top of your panties. His eyes shifted upwards as he pulled off the last of your clothing, leaving you completely exposed to him. Alex’s mouth worked wonders on your pussy, he ate you out like no other, and you became even more excited when you felt his plump lips wrap around your throbbing clit. Your back arched as he began to flick at your clit and wet lips, the feeling all to pure. Your fingers were tangled in his long hair, his hands pushed your hips down and kept you in place. He sucked and pulled at your pussy lips, creating a popping noise whenever he let it go. He ate you out for a few more minutes, just to get you worked up before he pulled his boxers down. His length sprung free, pre-cum dripping from his tip.

Reaching out for his member, Alex stopped you and in one swift movement had you on top of him. “We’re taking this slow, princess.” He said in a soft tone. You nodded, reaching between your bodies and giving him a few pumps before lining him up with your entrance. You gasped as his cock started to spread your walls. Since you two hadn’t had sex in over a month, it took you a few seconds before you were adjusted to his size. You moved up and down his length slowly, taking your time with each thrust of your body. Alex grunted, his hands held onto your hips, guiding your slow movements.

You placed your hands on each side of Alex’s head, using your upper body strength to keep yourself up. Alex swept your hair behind your neck, allowing him to see your face clearly. You gave a small smile, that faded quickly as you let out a soft moan. Alex was extremely long, and when you were on top like this it meant that he could easily reach the unknown parts of your body. His tip hit your g-spot each time you lowered yourself onto him, making your body jolt and twitch slightly. Alex loved seeing the expressions you made when he hit that certain spot.

Not being able to hold yourself up and longer, you collapsed onto Alex’s chest, your movement’s slowing. “Alex..” You whispered, slightly moaning.

“Shh… I got you.” He said softly. His hips thrusted upwards into your pussy slowly, chasing on your orgasm. Your arms wrapped around his neck, your lips slightly parted as you let out hot breathy moans onto his neck. “ Fuck… I forgot how much I loved your tight pussy.” He grunted, hands holding you tightly against him. You moaned at his dirty talk and his sudden harsh thrust into your aching core.

Slow sex was great, but also agonizing painful. He chased on your orgasm, changing pace each time he knew that you were about to come undone. He didn’t do that this time, when he knew that the both of you were getting to your peak he just let you come around him, shaking and breathing heavily. He came inside you with a grunt, fingernails digging into your sore flesh. The both of you were breathing heavily, chests rising and falling as you tried to regain your breath.

Alex pulled out, mumbling a soft ‘sorry’ when he felt you wince at the loss. He kissed the side of your head as he helped you lay on your side. You gave him a tired  smile, wrapping your hand in his. He smiled back down at you, his free hand pulling the covers over your bodies to keep you warm.

“I love you, Alex, I never want to lose you again.” You mumbled against his chest. Alex nodded.

“Me too, Angel, me too. Now get some sleep, okay?” He whispered. Your eyes fluttered shut, and you slept the rest of the night, happy and complete once again.

X-men requests / ideas

OkAy. I re-watched xma and I am in serious need of some X-men ideas and or requests! If you are an x-men fan, please message me requests and I will gladly start writing them today. Thank youuuuu. 😊

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