film: the phantom menace


Star Wars aesthetic: Padmé Amidala

“She was very beautiful. Kind, but…sad.”


Don’t center on your anxieties, Obi-wan.” — Qui Gon Jinn to Obi-wan, “The Phantom Menace”

I will mend this old wound.“ — Obi-wan to Ezra Bridger, “Twin Suns”

 (Even though Obi-wan’s cameo and his fight with Maul was short and I still highly enjoyed this entire scene. And I don’t mind at all that Obi killed Maul in three moves I was very satisfied. Especially when I went back and noticed that Obi-wan {being the loyal Padawan he still is on the inside} paid tribute to Qui Gon by transitioning into his Master’s stance and form. 

It made me realize how much Obi still misses his old Mentor and that just made me sad. I also notice that Maul {because he’s a frockin evil cockroach} was going to use the exact same sneaky move he used on Qui Gon to trip up Obi, but Obi {because he’s a beast} foresaw this and is like “Yeah, no. Not falling for that.” And just ducks down and slices Maul’s saber in two and right down the middle of his front.)

Examples of Padme kicking arse in the prequels

The Phantom Menace:

  • Queen at the age of 14 and already dealing with huge issues such as trade blockade. 
  • Got a decoy system where she is able to slip in and out as one of her own handmaidens so she can observe everything in more ways than she would have as just a queen. 
  • Wasted no time using this system when escaping Naboo.
  • Despite being literal royalty she ain’t afraid to clean the droid that saved them all despite the dirt. 
  • Endangered herself into going to Tattoine as her handmaiden and not as queen; despite the fact Quo Jon Jinn likely knew all about her disguise. 
  • Was very nice to little Ani. 
  • But also practical enough to prioritise statistics over bling faith. 
  • Fought passionately for her people of Naboo in the Republic; but felt she had no choice but to actually go to war herself in order to save them when she saw nothing was being done. 
  • Made an alliance with the Gungans despite their falling out between their people for many many years in order to win Naboo back. 
  • Fought and kicked arse in the battle of Threed. 
  • Remember she was only 14 during all of this!!!!!

Attack of the Clones

  • Has continued a career in politics despite not being queen anymore for a good cause: no more war. 
  • Survived an assassination attempt due to the above but don’t let that stop her! 
  • Has the balls to tell Anakin he was making her uncomfortable right in his face basically shutting that shit down. 
  • Despite the need for protection; Padme continues to insist until being forced to go into hiding that she should continue her agenda. 
  • Generally has a lovely if rather awkward series of encounters with Anakin. I know this is completely subjective and people’s opinions differ but I think their banter between the pair was very true to the maturity and life experience of both characters. 
  • Also can’t have a Padme post without mentioning all those gorgeous clothing she pulls off with style. 
  • Comforts Anakin in his time of need after his mother’s death. 
  • Damn the consequences but she just goes straight out to rescue Obi Wan who is a Jedi and is in danger. 
  • And somehow manages to survive the complexity that was the droid maze in its death traps. Let’s remember: she ain’t got no force. 
  • Ain’t afraid to die and confesses her feelings to Anakin. 
  • Lock picks her way out of her handcuffs. 
  • Climbs up a pillar and kicks a monstrous creature right in its stomach. 
  • Gets scratched in the back but manages to continue on fighting and SURVIVE a battle that wipes out many experienced Jedi. 
  • Falls out a helicopter and survives. 
  • Has a beautiful wedding ceremony.

Revenge of the Sith

  • Still a Senator fighting hard to end the need for war. 
  • Somehow manages to carry out a life with Anakin in Coruscant despite their need for secrecy and their high profile image without getting found out. 
  • Lovely costumes again. 
  • Attempts to console Anakin over his dreams and somehow not shitting herself when realising he had the same sort of dream about his mother’s death.
  • Growing suspicions of Palpatine. 
  • That haunting scene between her and Anakin as they stare out through the windows. 
  • “So this is how Liberty dies. With thunderous applause." 
  • Deleted scene where she plants the seeds of the rebellion her children would play a huge part in from years to come that would eventually overcome the very evil she’s fought all her life against. 
  • Confronts Anakin about his shit and chooses to end their relationship after realising how much he’s changed and how his actions have gone too far. 
  • Her spirit forever lives on in Luke and Leia in many different ways.