film: the phantom menace


I’ve created a division in myself. There is the Queen, and there is Padmé. I am both of them, of course. But I find that I can only be one at a time. I wonder what it would be like to have no secrets. To be Padmé and Queen, together. Ruler and girl. Mind and heart

*me re-watching The Empire Strikes Back*  “OK, so people complain about the whole ‘Anakin built C3P0′ plot point. But then, Vader lets Chewie rebuild C3P0, doesn’t he? And it’s implied The Empire gave Chewie the tools to do so.

Why does Vader do that? Unless he cared about C3P0 on some level. 

Because he made him.

Maybe Lucas is a better long-term storyteller than we thought?


“Your flaw is your need for connection to the living Force. Qui-Gon, the galaxy is crowded with beings. The Jedi Order is here to support you. Nevertheless you must carry the following knowledge in your heart," Dooku said. "You are always alone, and betrayal is inevitable.”

Nerdy fact #1719: “Weird Al” Yankovic wrote his parody song The Saga Begins before Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace was even released, basing it completely on spoilers leaked onto the internet. After he saw the film at a charity screening, he was shocked that he only had to make very minor changes to the lyrics of the nearly six-minute song.