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Lazy day with Johnny
  • You wearing his shirt
  • Lounging around your place 
  • Cuddling on the couch 
  • Eating popcorn and binge-watching shows/ movies 
  • Him making dinner for you two while you clean up around the house
  • After dinner you guys cuddle in your room and fall asleep in his arms
  • but he stays up and he just watches you sleep aww 
  • and in the morning he makes you breakfast and cleans up his mess 

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Hc where the gang is dating a short girl

-Darry would always put everything on the top shelf so you’d be forced to either take matters into your own hands (and get teased) or give in and ask for help (and get teased), he eventually gets you a step stool for his house which makes him smile. loves and I mean loves to put you on his shoulders and carry you around

-Soda would try and be your protecter and would fight anyone who made fun of your height cause sometimes it can become a sensitive topic. he also gives you so many forehead kisses and lifts you up against the wall to make out with you

-Pony is a little snarky when it comes to your height and loves to make you his arm rest, which makes you pout so he dramatically leans down to kiss you. he loves your height cause he loves to poke fun at you but also grab your face and bend down to press as many kisses to it as he can

-TwoBit is the mix between Pony and Soda cause he will protect you at all times but also is the worst when it comes to personal teasing. you’re his arm rest but also personal teddy bear he loves to carry around and cuddle

-Johnny is so cute cause he always puts his arm around your shoulders and brings you in closer. loves to pick you up and spin you around or let you step on his feet to dance with him. will also force you to stay still as he presses so many kisses to your cute lil face

-Dallas can get irritated by you always hurting yourself trying to climb things to reach or when you annoy him to get his attention to grab something for you. but he also doesn’t mind how easy you are pick up and throw over his shoulder so he can immediately take you to the bedroom

-Steve is kinda a mix between Dally and Johnny because he can get really annoyed if you’re clumsy and always a daring one to climb the kitchen counters and unstable chairs, but also is a sucker for always having you close and dancing with you on his feet


…or we could make out….

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“Dal, hand me that book beside you.” 

He picked up the book but held it behind his back instead of giving it to me.

“Why? You don’t need it.” He grinned. I reached for the book but he just scooted farther away. I rolled my eyes in annoyance. 

“Yes I do. I need to get this done.” I groaned. I had been trying to get my homework done for at least 2 hours now, but Dallas had been making it impossible.

….or we could make out…” He raised his eyebrows. I couldn’t help but laugh. Typical Dal. 

“Dallas, as much as I would love to, I have to get this done before we can do anything.” I giggled. He finally handed over my book. I settled back in and began working on my last few problems.

“So does that mean we get to do stuff after?” He asked after a few minutes of silence.


  • Ponyboy: So how long have you been in love with Johnny?
  • Dally: That's disgusting. And wrong. I don't even get- why would- I have never been in love with anyone, anywhere. It's none of your- you have the nerve- the audacity. Johnny is my friend, technically. And he is terrible, face-wise. And how- how do I know, frankly, that you're not in love with him. Maybe you are. Maybe you're just trying to throw me off. Hm, check and mate.
Sodapop x Deaf!Reader Awkward

Summary: Imagine where Soda gets a new girlfriend who’s deaf and when she comes over the gang is really confused on how to act around her?

A/N: I’m gonna make this one modern since hearing aid history is a little confusing and I don’t wanna mess anything up. Also I don’t know how much knowledge they had about it back then. I hope that’s okay.

You recently got a new boyfriend. He was so sweet, goofy and polite. You loved it. It surprised you that you had found someone so amazing. Most people don’t because people like that don’t usually exist. It was harder for you to find a boyfriend too because you didn’t tend to approach people. You were self conscious about being deaf. Sodapop had helped you gain more confidence, he didn’t care at all about the fact that you were deaf. He treated you just like everybody else. And he made it easier by approaching you first.

For you being deaf was genetic. Lucky it wasn’t profound but instead severe. You had to wear a hearing aid but you could still sort of hear although you had to lip read at times. You wore a ‘behind the ear’ hearing aid. It was noticeable which you didn’t like but it helped you hear so you dealt with it.

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Pillows are over-rated.

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I snuggled closer to Soda, if that were even possible. 

The gang was having a movie night, and the last movie was almost over. I was super thankful because I was exhausted and all I wanted to do was climb into bed with Soda and sleep.

Pony had agreed a long time ago that he’d sleep on the couch once a week when I stayed over. Darry offered to let him sleep with him, but Pony had refused. 

Once the credits finally started to roll, every started to get move around. We all said goodnight and goodbye. Darry excused himself to bed first, and not long after I gently tugged on Soda’s hand, letting him know it was time to go. 

He looked down at me and gave me my favorite smile and kissed the top of my head. Pony rolled his eyes before retreating to the bedroom to get all of his stuff.

I happily changed into one of Soda’s shirts once we got the room. I stated to lay down but stopped once I realized there was only one pillow. He laughed when I groaned and got into bed next to me.

“Come ‘ere.” He pulled me close, my head resting on his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me tight.

“Pillows are overrated anyway.” He laughed. I couldn’t help but laugh too, but matter how annoyed I actually was. 

“I love you, Soda.”

“I love you more, babe.”

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Headcanons of showering with Johnny. Thanks❤

-you’d be the first one in shower
-he’d come up after a couple minutes and scare you
-but he’d calm you down when he wraps his arms around your waits and gives you shoulder kisses
-you can tell he’s had a rough day for you turn around get him under the water
-when his hair was wet you’d demand he turn around so you could wash his hair and have him tell what was wrong
-he’d vent to you and sign as you’d gently scratch your nails against his scalp
-you’d give your responses but mostly listen
-he’d start to get really overwhelmed and might cry so you hush him and get the conditioner out of his hair first
-then he’d cry in your shoulder as you stand under the water
-that poor baby just needed a hug
-when he’s finished crying you go on to wash his body, massaging his shoulders
-give him a playful smack on his ass just to get him to smile
-most likely such his dick
-after some good stress relieving lovin for him he’d give you a goofy grin as he cums and tells you how much he loves you
-then it’s your turn for some love
-he’d probably turn you around so you’re facing the shower wall and push you up against it
-as your nipples are aching from the cold tile he’d put the shower head against your pussy
-some very yummy moans from both parties
-he’d make you cum in like 3 minutes flat
-now you’re weak in the knees so he holds you close to wash your body and hair
-after you’re done you stand there for a couple minutes just under the water
-then johnny gets out first to get you both towels
-the water is off and he wraps the fluffiest one y'all own around your body and give you a forehead kiss
-after some drying off he helps you with your pajamas and y'all climb into bed
-showers with johnny are always the best