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I’ll Be There (The Outsiders Preferences)

Request: My boyfriend and I just broke up. I’m ok, I just feel guilty that I don’t feel sad about it. He was a really sweet guy, I was just busy with school and he was busy with work. So, how would the Outsider gang react if their crush (who’s usually really sweet and can be emotional) got dumped and was totally calm with the break-up and was a just little sad that they didn’t feel bad? Thanks!

Darry Curtis

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Darry would be totally comforting you guys are best friends. Have been since Freshman year. He’s had a crush on you since Senior year. He hated your boyfriend. And when he heard you guys broke up he tried his hardest not to show how happy he was. The one thing he wanted to make sure though, was that you were okay. 

“I’m fine. The only reason why I’m upset is that I don’t feel upset about it,” You said as you sat down on his bed. He took a deep breath and sat down next to you. 

“But you’re fine?” He asked. You looked over at him and smiled. You laid down on his bed and he laid down next to you, his arms wrapping around your stomach as he kissed your cheek. 

Sodapop Curtis

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Soda would be totally clingy. He would always try to be there by your side every day since the breakup. 

“You can’t be fine, (Y/N). You just got out of a year-long relationship,” Soda said as he plopped down on your bed. You sighed and looked at him. 

“Soda, would you stop worrying about me? I’m doing great. It’s weird I’m doing great but I am,” You said. Soda picked up one of your teddy bears and put up to your face. 

“Mr. Teddy thinks you aren’t alright,” Soda said in a baby voice. You rolled our eyes and leaned forward. 

“When will you realize that I’m doing great?” You whispered. He smiled at you. 

“Because I’m worried about you. Because you’re amazing,” He said. 

Ponyboy Curtis

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Ponyboy has always liked you. Ever since you guys met he has always wanted to tell you he’s liked you but you had a boyfriend. A boyfriend who was not that fond of Pony. But here you were. Standing on the porch of Pony’s house staring out at the night sky. 

“So, are you going to be okay?” Pony asks. 

“Believe me I feel actually so much better. And because of that, I feel guilty,” You said sighing. Pony looked over at you. 

“Well, maybe he just wasn’t good enough for you. Maybe because you deserve to be with someone better. Someone who will make your heart beat faster. Someone who will treat you like a princess. Someone… like me,”  Pony said. Your head snapped up and looked over at him. 

You leaned over and quickly kissed his cheek causing his cheeks to turn a bright red, now a huge smile on his face. 

Steve Randle

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Steve tried to be supportive but he’s not very good at comforting people he cares about. Especially you. He was so crazy about you but just didn’t know what to do when you were upset. 

“Look at least now when you see him instead of pretending to be perfectly fine you’ll actually be perfectly fine,” Steve said shrugging as he sat on your bed. You stood there and looked at him. 

“I just wished I felt bad. But I don’t I feel fine! I feel so great, I feel so freaking good and I don’t understand why! I just want to feel like shit!” You said and you started to breathe quicker. You weren’t upset about the breakup. You were upset that you weren’t upset. 

“Oh come here,” Steve said standing up and wrapping his arms around your waist. “I’m going to be here for when you don’t feel upset.” 

Johnny Cade

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Johnny was the best at being there for you. He always has been. And he told you he will always be there. But when he heard you were perfectly fine after the breakup he was a little happy. 

“I’m just glad you aren’t hurting,” Johnny said as he laid down beside you in the lot. 

“Johnny, why don’t I feel bad?” You asked groaning. 

“Maybe… maybe it was because you didn’t love him. Maybe he was just a douche and maybe you’re happy because you like someone else?” Johnny suggested. You looked over at him and raised an eyebrow. He started laughing till you put a hand on his cheek and kissed his cheek. 

Two-Bit Matthews

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Two-Bit wouldn’t be the guy to ask if you were okay. When you told him you were okay he believed you. He just knew that you would be fine. Because he knew you guys might have a chance now. 

“At least you aren’t one of those girls who is so whiny after a breakup, who drowns her feelings in a good romance movie and a cry. Just be glad you don’t feel like shit. Just be happy you’re happy,” Two-Bit said you looked up at him and smiled. 

“But maybe I want to be that girl. Plus whats wrong with watching a romance movie and crying?” You asked. 

“What’s right with it?” Two-Bit said rolling his eyes. 

“But still I think I should be at least somewhat upset-” Two-Bit cut you off by shushing you. You started laughing and he kept shushing you. You leaned your head on his shoulder. 

“You’re just fine, kid,” Two-Bit said kissing your head. 

Dallas Winston

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Dallas Winston would honestly just go for you. Once you told him you broke up with your boyfriend he was a cocky son of a bitch. He was just going to leave it be but he mentally just said “fuck that” and went for it. 

“Are you okay?” He asked as you sat in front of him on his bed. 

“I’m amazing,” You said smiling because, in fact, you were. You felt bad for feeling amazing. But hey, maybe it was just supposed to be like this. 

“You know what?” Dallas asked leaning forward. You smiled and leaned his forehead against yours. 

“What?” You asked. 

“I know that you’re going to be with a guy who will make you feel so god damn wonderful,” Dallas whispered his voice low and deep. He put a hand on the back of your neck and crashed his lips onto yours. It started off kind of gentle but then got rougher. 

“And maybe I will be happier with this guy,” You said pulling away. 

hey my whumpers

this is important

here are some whumPY ASS BOOKS

•The Outsiders(my favorite book of all time btw)- S.E. Hinton

Very good I mean like the main character gets jumped and cut with a knife in the first character and then passes out from smoke inhalation later, and THEN is sick and delirious for a while

and it’s got some good brother bonding because of it so enjoy

•I’ll Be There- Holly Goldberg Sloan

It doesn’t happen until later but BASICALLY the main character falls down a cliff and breaks his shoulder and has internal bleeding and stuff and his little brother has to take care of him in the woods for awhile

•Percy Jackson and the Olympians/ Heroes Of Olympus- Rick Riordan

over the course of the series’s multiple characters get hurt(especially Percy he can’t catch a break) and you’re bound to like it I swear

honestly they’re just good books in general

•Eragon- Christopher Paolini

I only read the first one but I can remember distinctly that the main character passes out A LOT

I can’t really call many more that I’ve read, but if you have please add on!

Being Darrys secret girlfriend
  • You went to high school with him 
  • and were part of the gang
  • kinda like the mom of the gang
    • always cleaning up after everyone
    • cooking dinner 
    • getting the necessities everyone needed
  • you basically lived there too 
  • until one night when Darry offered his bed to you 
  • The next morning you woke up to breakfast in bed 
  • along with a kiss from Darry
  • and thats when he asked you out
  • of course you said yes
  • it was kind of this unspoken thing that you didnt want the gang knowing 
  • it was hush hush 
  • but def made things more ‘spicy’ for alone time
  • it was really fun being a secret 
  • you had fun when you would ‘accidentally’ touch his leg under the table
  • vice versa 
  • you guys would always be doing little things like that 
  • the gang low and behold found out when they walked in on you making out
  • it was actually twobit who ended up telling the gang