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Do you know of any websites or books that are good for people who aren't native but just want to learn about the different native American tribes and their history and culture?

I can only recommend what I was shown as a child, which is mostly based around the Iroquois but there are several others thrown in, cause this is a very VERY broad question. 

The Education of Little Tree (book) (movie)

Smoke Signals (movie) (It has Slingshot from Suicide Squad and the speaking voice of Pocahontas from Disney’s version)

The Lone Ranger And Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven (book) (This is the book Smoke Signals is based on)

Song of Hiawatha (movie) (“Ma what was that movie you made me watch as a kid?” “Which one” “The one about the Iroquois.” “WHICH ONE” “THE ONE WITH THE JOKE ABOUT THE TURTLE CLAN” “WHICH ONE?!?!?!?”)

The New World (movie) (Basically Pocahontas without the Disney filters.)

Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee (movie)

Powwow Highway (movie)

There is one movie I couldn’t find, however I was able to find clips of it on Youtube and it’s a VHS tape about Hopi Prophecies and this was the only clip I could find online. Please let me know if you can find the whole collection of this very rare piece of film (Youtube).

The Last of the Mohicans (movie

Dances With Wolves (movie) (Ma made me put these two down I didn’t want to as they are pretty standard, but she said the plus to watching Dances is seeing Kevin Costner’s ass).

For movies I would advise being very cautious, same with books. I always look into who made them and who the actors are, sadly because we have had enough frauds in our community passing off lies. Movies like Cheyenne Autumn or anything made in the “Golden Era” of Hollywood, especially the Westerns, I would highly advise you stay away from. Not only did they perpetuate lies but most of the “natives” are just people doing redface. 

For articles, I have to suggest Jamie K. Oxendine. He’s a family friend and a hell of an M.C. for powwows. Not only have I read quite a few of his articles, I’ve also been able to use him for my A.P. U.S. History course and other scholarly work. He also runs a foundation based on educating people about natives. 

And the best tip I can give you for learning our culture however is to go to Powwows, however I understand that not everyone is in America which is why I included movies and books I grew up with. The best education I ever received on my culture is through powwows and is what a lot of stuff that I say is often unsourced as it is carried on through oral tradition. Here is a link for powwow calendars. Here and here are tips and basic etiquette rules for said powwows. 



The New World (2005) dir. Terrence Malick

Colin Farrell as  Captain John Smith

The New World - Part 2

Hello, my lovelies!! This new fic is actually a continuation of The Bet.  Hope you enjoy!


Part 1 of The New World

Daryl x Reader, Daryl x Maggie, Maggie X Reader, Daryl x Glenn

Warnings: Smut, language, some fluffy moments with Daddy Daryl

Word Count: 3945

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“Ain’t nothing in this world that will ever change that Daryl. Ever,” you kissed him sweetly and buried your head into his neck as he wrapped his strong arms around you. After a few minutes, you pulled back and rolled over to look at the clock. When you turned back to him, Daryl was watching you and biting on his lower lip.

“What?” you asked playfully, knowing that look all too well.

“Still got time for a shower before we gotta be at Maggie’s,” he raised his eye brows, his cock flexing against your leg.

“Well, what kind of guests would we be if arrived sweaty and dirty and smelling like sex?” you were already getting up and running to the bathroom. Daryl was behind you in an instant and pushing you into the large stand up stall before the water even had a chance to turn warm.

“Can I be done?” Shelby asked looking back and forth between you and Daryl. Abe sat quietly eating on Daryl’s lap, but Shelby had insisted on her own seat next to Hershel.

“It’s fine munchkin,” Daryl answered before helping Abe with a spoonful of veggies. “You did good.”

“Aunt Maggie, can Hershel be done too? We wanna go play,” Shelby looked hopeful and Maggie nodded.

“Sure, y’all can go play. Stay where we can see you on the porch please,” she smiled and watched as Shelby grabbed Hershel’s hand, sprinting through the front door.

Abe started to squirm in Daryl’s lap, but he held his arm firm around the boy’s waist.

“Daddy!” Abe whined trying to follow his big sister and Hershel.

“Nope, sorry kiddo. You’re stuck here,” Daryl put him on his other leg, closer to you and Abe started to cry.

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moodboard for Ezra Wake from the New World by SebastianL @e-sebastian

Summary: There are men undeserving of second chances. Sometimes they receive them nonetheless.

One of the reasons I keep returning to this fic is Ezra. He’ll forever be one of my favorite fictional characters along with James Flint. 

I started this fic late one night and did not expect to be so utterly enthralled by this world. I do not recommend starting it late in the day because it is >100K words and you won’t want to stop reading. 

James has his own moodboard here