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Ayyy I've been wondering: what do all the dragons do? I know The Hosts leads people around and Bims helps with the plants, but what does like Wilfred's or Darks do? Just curious.

Bim’s dragon, Poppy, helps his plants to grow. She also hums songs that she hears multiple times and will hum the songs back to Bim when he’s sad or tired.

Host’s dragon, Lewis Carroll, glows and leads visitors through the maze-like library. He also can sense when Host is getting panicky and will comfort the Ego.

Dark’s dragon, Elsa (Yes, he did pick the name), is an ice dragon that keeps his office cold since Wilford keeps shooting the AC. He also uses her to play pranks on the other Egos. But don’t be fooled, the little devious dragon is also his only real friend.

Wilford’s dragon, Bubbles, has lethal claws and isn’t really good for anything but tearing apart the furniture, which suits Warfstache just fine.

Google’s dragon, Sparky, has the ability to give the droids an instant recharge of their battery by creating electricity. He can also download files into his brain by making contact with computers of any kind and transfer the files to another device.

Ed’s dragon, Killer, is a pick-pocket and manages to find loose change everywhere. It has a collection of stolen shiny things that it piles up in a corner of Ed’s bedroom.

Silver’s dragon, Elwood (don’t ask why, I have no idea), accompanies the hero on crime-fighting missions. He has the ability to belch noxious fumes that will incapacitate villains.

Dr. Iplier’s dragon, Nurse, radiates warmth and a soothing aura. Doc lets her stay with patients (which usually consist of the other Egos) and keep them calm during their recovery, but she also comes and drapes herself across his neck and shoulders, relieving his somewhat chronic pain there from being so tense all the time.

Bad Romance

The Doctor still couldn’t take his eyes off the Host, two seats away from him; he kept analyzing every detail of his dream man while humming a song, their song – at least according to the Doctor’s imagination.
Suddenly, the Host flinched in surprise.
“Are you listening, Host?” asked the impatient Dark sitting in fron of him, talking about himself as usual.
“Yes. Yes, I’m sorry.” He said, but it didn’t took long before he started humming the song too, smiling and fantasizing away from Dark’s boring monologues.
Dark’s eyes turned into a deep, glowing red.
“Stop it.” He growled, grabbing the Host’s wrist and making him scream in pain.
The Doctor instinctively tried to yell him to stop, but his voice was gone. Something felt very wrong in his throat, hurting like a fire on his vocal chords.
Dark slowly turned to him.
“Go away, before I make you silent once and for all,” hissed, looking again at the Host, who was crying and apologizing, promising to be more focused from that day on.

That night the Host found a little note on his writing machine.
“you and me could write a bad romance.”

The day after, the Doctor found a new note on his drawer:
“I wish we could live a good one together, too.”

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This is for everyone, and be honest. How often does Dark use his aura or The Host start narrating things just for kicks? And who gets the brunt of the goofage? (I know goofage isn't a word but guess what now it is)

(I supposedly have an above average ability to use the English language, and I still make up words. Welcome to the club, cutie!)

There was once where, in the middle of an argument with Ed, Dark possessed him just long enough to make Ed punch himself in the face. Needless to say, Ed didn’t speak to Dark for a while. But Dark was fine with that.

Host once narrated a swarm of bees to chase after Wilford when the pink Ego kept insisting that dabbing was a new age art form.

Dark was once so tired that he sent Wilford into the void just so he’d stop shooting things for a few precious hours as Dark took a much-needed power nap.

There was a time when Host had everyone in Ego Inc. convinced that it was a good idea to wear big, ridiculous hats all the time, just because he felt like messing with them.

And last St. Patrick’s Day, Dark (who was tired of the other Egos trying to get him to wear green) transported Sean in from Ireland to give the other Egos Irish lessons just so they’d LEAVE HIM ALONE ALREADY!!

The reality-bending boys are very extra.

I was listening to old stuff (= stuff I used to obsess over in middle school)
And I found Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

“I want your love, I don’t wanna be friends, you and me could write a bad romance”

This is the internal monologue of the Doctor and the Host when they think about their friendship that can’t become something else because of Host’s abusive boyfriend aka Dark

Try to fite me on this I dare you

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Hey Bim and Host, if you guys could have lived in any era of time, which would it be and why? *gives Host a scented candle that smells of red velvet cake and some elegant never-dry ballpoint pens and Bim new matching watering can and trowel that have his initials engraved onto them* Love you both!

Host drums his fingers against the surface of his desk. “If the Host could, theoretically speaking, live in another time period. He would prefer to live in Victorian Era England. It is the time period of many of his favorite authors.”

Bim scratches the back of his neck in thought. “Well, I like my life here where I am, but… I’d kind of like to live back in the time of knights in shining armor! I’d want to battle dragons and monsters and save the day!”

Host starts to explain to Bim that dragons and such never actually existed, but he stops because why break the plant boy’s heart?


I have a serious question.

I watched “Markiplier TV” and there was one detail that really caught my attention. Why on Earth did the camera pan to Dr. Iplier before Darkiplier had begun to speak? And followup question… Why did Dr. Iplier look so angry? He can’t be upset about Wilford’s video… Because he clearly states he liked it. So what could he be so ticked up at during that part? Does he not like Darkiplier?

I was going to assume so, but he didn’t glare at Dark.

… Did he?