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Are they going to try again? Maybe this time without Host going all Author and stuff...

The Host finds the other three Googles huddled in their office, talking low to one another. They all spin around suddenly when the Host enters, and Doc can tell by the way they’re standing that they already know. Host grips his cane tight and nods to them. “The Host knows that the Googles are likely very upset with him, but the Host is here to ask their help in training Anti.”

Red’s eyes flash. “So you want us to help you force him to do those things? He’s scared to death of being sucked back in, and you want our help to make him do it?”

Blue grabs his brother’s arm. “No, Red. I think the Host has realized his mistake.” His eyes flick to the Doc. “Right?”

Dr. Iplier smiles and nods. “I think we’ve reached an understanding.”

Host’s hands shake slightly as he steps forward. “The Host won’t make Anti go any farther than he’s willing to. He only wants to make sure that Anti can control this, so he won’t have to fear it. Only… the Host has never learned to deal with someone like Anti before, but the Googles know him very well. They know how to make him more comfortable.”

Green nods. “It wasn’t a very good idea to try to train him alone in a place he’s not familiar with. He doesn’t like being by himself.”

“And if you make it a game, he’ll be more interested,” Red offers grumpily.

“And you have to be honest with him,” Ollie says firmly, appearing in the doorway. His eyes are yellow and angry. “No matter what.”

Host nods. “The Host wants Oliver to come with them, that is, if Anti is willing to try again.”

Ollie blinks and Anti appears at his side, hands gripped into fists. He glitches over to the Host, and Doc is about to stop him when Ollie grabs the Doctor and pulls him back. Anti glares at the Host as static hums in the air around him. “Well, let’s hear it.”

Host frowns in annoyance and grips his cane until his knuckles are white. “I’m sorry, you impetuous child.”

Anti grins. “Yer a brave one, I’ll give ya that.”

Host smirks back. “I sure would hate to have you as an enemy.”

“Yeah,” Anti twirls a knife through his fingers, “I wonder what that’d be like…”

Anti,” Doc chides, but Ollie shakes his head.

“He’s in control.”

Anti tucks the knife away. “I don’t trust ya, Hosty. Maybe I never will. ‘m not really a trustin’ guy, but I do trust that fire o’ yers. And I guess that’ll do.”

Host frowns back a moment more before a smile breaks over his face. “I guess so. But just you know this…” He raises his cane and sets it under Anti’s chin. “I’ve come a very long way from the man I was, and I expect you to respect that. Got it?”

Anti grins and jerks his chin away. “Alright, deal.” Host lowers his cane with a smile. “I’ll forgive ya,” and they shake hands.

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Hey, I'm here for the match up thing! I don't have a preference between Mark or Jack's egos, just want it to be a little accurate :). One of my interests is writing, though I haven't done any big or official things, mostly just one shots and the like. I dislike arguments, and generally just try to stay out of most squabbles if it doesn't seem worth it, fighting just kinda drains me. I like watching animated movies and TV shows, and I will instantly fall in love with it if it's a musical. Thanks!

Hey there, Anon!

I match you with…

The Host!

He can’t help but grow excited when you find out that you write, even if it isn’t anything big or official like you mentioned. Even though he himself doesn’t write regularly anymore, he can still give you some tips and advice. If you were willing to, he’d love to listen to you reading to him.

Host thinks similarly to you regarding arguments, he won’t get into one if it seems useless to him. Though he will be quick to stand up for you if you’re hesitant to do so yourself.

The guy prefers indoors activities over anything else, so he’ll be fine spending a day just ‘watching’ some movies or TV shows. However, to be able to know what’s actually going on he’ll need to keep narrating throughout the entire thing. You might have to get used to that.

I don’t think he’s ever been really interested in musicals before but seeing how much you like them Host grows curious. Give the guy some recommendations, you can enjoy them together!

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Mark has confirmed that The Host, along with other characters created specifically by Cyndago for their sketches and not directly tied to Markiplier, will not make any more appearances on the channel. This will also likely include characters such as Ed Edgar (created for Ed Edgar Adoptalott’s Baby Bulk Buy), Bim Trimmer (created for Hire My Ass), and The Silver Shepherd (created for Super Infidelity).

In case you’re worried, Wilford Warfstache will remain a part of the channel due to him being created by Mark before he got involved with Cyndago.

Though these characters have been officially discontinued, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have any more fun with them through fan content. You’re still free to celebrate them to your heart’s content. They may no longer be a part of the channel, but they’ll always live on in the stuff you make.

okay, going along with @septic-creations​’s theory that we’re playing as the host, i wanted to contribute to that theory as well.

(now, this is under the assumption that damien/the mayor is darkiplier.)

first off, damien greets with the term “old friend”, implying that whomever’s POV that we’re seeing has known damien for a long time but perhaps has lost contact with over the while? (perhaps this loss of contact was when the author was transitioning to the host?)

but also the fact that darkiplier, wilford warfstache, and the author/host are characters that have been in mark’s channel/universe for a long time. darkiplier’s first appearance was on june 19th, 2012. wilford appeared november 9th, 2012. and the author’s first appearance february 6th, 2013. so by this standpoint, yes, dark and the author/host have known each other for quite a long time. wilford, included.

this part is a bit of a stretch, but when damien states, “there’s no one i would rather have alongside me”, it made me think back to markiplier tv where the host is seated right next to dark. 

and there was this theory going around about the host being dark’s right hand man, because host is literally seated on dark’s right side. and because of host’s talent/narrating abilities, we can see why dark would want host on his side.

now comes this part. where damien emphasizes the “blind” in the sentence “try not to rob me blind again”. could this be a joke/jab at our POV narrator because host wears a blindfold? has host and dark played poker before and host won despite being blind? (that would be hilarious tbh).

nevertheless, i can’t wait to see how this gets played out!