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The Avengers: Bruce Banner [INTP]

Ti: Bruce doesn’t throw ideas out on a whim – he likes to fully think through his ideas, determine if they are workable, and mentally deconstruct them, searching for faults and weaknesses, before he shares them. Bruce will think through all the different aspects of a schematic or plan before he opens up to the group. He’s good at taking things apart to determine how they function.

Ne: He doesn’t just have one narrow goal, but is open to a multitude of creative ideas. He thinks outside the box and focuses on the larger picture, using his Internal Thinking to apply logic and narrow down his options. He looks outside himself for ideas, and is very worried about the wider implications of his work. Bruce is always in search of possibilities. He’s good at reading his teammates.

Si: The previous destruction caused by the Hulk largely overshadows Bruce’s present life; he is constantly trying to run away from his past but incapable of forgetting it or letting it go. He has vivid memories of his life before the Hulk and of the despair he has felt since; it continues to build inside him. Bruce has a hard time living in the moment and enjoying his life when he’s not the Hulk, because he’s so overwhelmed with guilt.

Fe: Even when he disagrees with someone else, Bruce tries to be polite and respect their feelings. He avoids conflict because he doesn’t like it and doesn’t know how to handle it, and because he knows it will trigger the Hulk. The Hulk’s inability to control itself reflects Bruce’s fear of his own emotions, and his inability to deal with them.


“[S]trong interest by the American network ABC prompted a third incarnation of The Avengers, the one best remembered today. Diana Rigg as Mrs. Emma Peel replaced [Honor] Blackman, in very much the same mode but now captured on film and ready for export. It debuted on ITV on October 1965 and on ABC-US in 1966… By this time the ‘British invasion’ had captured the American imagination, and… the show was able to retain a highly 'British’ tone and focus and still remain strongly appealing to US audiences.”

– from Network Nations: A Transnational History of British and American Broadcasting, by Michele Hilmes (2011).


racebent avengers fan(re)cast

michael ealy as captain america
john cho as iron man
santiago cabrera as the hulk
sinqua walls as hawkeye
nicole beharie as black widow
jason momoa as thor
faran tahir as nick fury
sendhil ramamurthy as phil coulson
adam rodriguez as james rhodes
lucy liu as pepper potts

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