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Spider-Man: Homecoming music by composer Michael Giacchino‏

I’ll Always Be Right Here (Peter Parker Imagine - Short One Shot)

Howdy doo! So this was just a little rambling I wanted to play with in regards to a Peter Parker imagine. I haven’t written anything about Peter before, but I was watching “The Amazing Spider-Man” today and I’ve been in love with Peter (Andrew Garfield’s version- obviously) forever so I thought I’d give it a try! :)

Hope you enjoy this short one-shot!

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“NO! NO!” You screamed at the man holding Peter’s body under his grip. Peter’s resistance faltered. His hands slowly began falling to his sides as the mans death grip on his neck tightened and tightened. You were standing, screaming at him to stop, unable to move from your spot as Peter’s now lifeless body was thrown off the building, the shadowed mans glowing yellow eyes smiling as he turned back to you- your screams slowly drowning out to muffled hums.

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