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The New Beverly Part 1: About the New Bev and Pre-show

I thought I’d take a moment and put out a good word about our friends at @newbeverly A Cinema specializing in 35mm films currently owned and operated by Quentin Tarantino in Los Angeles. Last night I had a pretty great time at the Superman III and Unbreakable double feature.  It’s a great way to meet people in the Industry. Edgar Wright and Patton Oswalt frequent it and I ended up having a 10 minute long conversation with a retired film loader who worked on a bunch of huge features back in the day while I was waiting for set up.They played old film music during set up, I heard the Dr. No version of the James Bond theme and then they played the theme from Ghostbusters.

What happens is the manager (not QT but one of the old guard) comes out and delivers his spiel. He was pretty enthusiastic about Superman III even though it’s not a great movie by any means. they play old vintage “prevues”(the mispelling is there on the intertitle) that have been played so much they are covered in scratches or have discoloration. I saw a “prevue” for “Used Cars” that had turned purple due to aging of the 16mm film print along side a bunch of old Richard Lester trailers in varying condition.

They opened the main show with an old Max Fleischer Superman cartoon which was in pretty great condition for a  35mm short that was made in 1941. It looked pretty amazing too, the animation was pretty stellar and well done, very dynamic framing and fluid animation not unlike you’d see in a top notch Production I.G. film in the 1990s and not what I was expecting which was Hanna Barbera style side-scrolling.

Then came Superman III…