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So the other night I watched Somos lo que hay (We Are What We Are) a Mexican film by Jorge Michel Grau from 2010 and then yesterday I watched the US remake We Are What We Are by Jim Mickle from 2013.

Interestingly in the remake all the genders of the main characters have been switched, a patriarch and two suffering sisters instead of a matriarch and two brooding brothers, and the teenage sister played in the original by Paulina Gaitanis now a male child who takes no active part in the family’s “Ritual”.

That Ritual is given an historical / ancestral background through flashbacks in the remake whereas it’s roots are vague in the original, and it’s more of a straightforward mystery / suspense / horror film with none of the social / political undercurrents of the Mexican film.

Both interesting films…

pincefilmek #01 HORROR edition// Plastic Heaven

A Magyarhangya és a Sirály bemutatja: pincefilmek #01 horror edition

Sirály, Király utca 50.

A Magyarhangya és a Sirály bemutatja: pincefilmek #01 horror edition

19:00 rövidfilmek vetitése
19:15 beszélgetés a horrorról, ijesztgetésről és rémségekről, beszélgetőpartnerek:
Varga Balázs, ELTE Filmszak
Sepsi László, Prizma főszerkesztő
Árva Márton, független filmes újságró
20:30 Vagyunk, akik vagyunk vetités
22:00 Plastic Heaven koncert

A filmes programra a belépő 500.-, a buli ingyenes!

Miután apjuk gyomra felmondta a szolgálatot, Alfredo, Sabina és Julian magára marad Mexikóváros egyik nyomornegyedében éhesen. Anyjuk a történtek hatására idegösszeomlást kap, így nem számíthatnak többé szülői segítségre. Ha fenn akarják tartani magukat, folytatniuk kell a családi hagyományokat, bármi áron.

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We Are What We Are

Directed by Jorge Michel Grau (2010)

SUMMARY: A family of cannibals must fend for themselves after the head of the household suddenly dies. To make matters worse, the police are finally tipped off about the disappearance of citizens and begin a search for the killer.

THOUGHTS:  A film which focuses on style and substance over gore, “We Are What We Are,” is a slow-paced build to an intense yet inevitable finale. Mostly minimal and somewhat steeped in moral grey areas, it is a bleak, reluctant and weary horror film.

What I appreciate most about “Somos lo que hay” is the brooding aspect of the film. While others may fear to tread in such slow paced waters, I appreciated the mood and build the film created. Things weren’t always spelled out, there was an uncertainty of how long this problem had been going on, nor was their background truly discussed. It left a lot to the imagination and for that, I applaud this film.

On the other hand, the openness of the plot was also the downfall. There were questions left unanswered and, ultimately, the motivation of the family wasn’t addressed. At the end of the film, you were left questioning everything. Why was this the way they chose to live? Was this nationwide? How did this start? What could’ve been an intensely gory, exploitative film instead was a social family drama mixed with elements of horror.

The washed out green-grey hues utilized in the cinematography combined with the minimal soundtrack made suited the atmospheric tale. Decent acting and not too dialogue heavy, “Somos lo que hay” is a worthy venture into Mexican horror yet not strong enough to truly bite.

VERDICT:  7 ½ watches out of 10


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