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Memorable Moments - 3.04 I SIN CITY

That’s Dean’s “I make a snarky comment and act like I am a tough guy, who has it all figured out and doesn’t waste a single moment thinking about going to the pit and therefore plastering a smile on my face that doesn’t reach my eyes, because in reality I am scared out of my mind, but would never admit it”-face. And it kills me every damn time I see it. Though maybe it kills me more comparing this Dean with the Dean of season 10, who went to hell, to purgatory, died, returned as a demon, was cured and now is smiling at the face of death again, but this time with a fond expression and a smile that is almost reaching his eyes and looks like he is preparing to meet an old friend he had dearly missed and cannot wait pull into a hug…

Females of Power

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Dogma “God”

Bedazzled “Satan”

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“Evelyn Salt” was originally scripted as Edwin Salt. The role was intended for Tom Cruise

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“Natasha " the one female in the Avenger

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Man of Steel "Faora”

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“Xena” the warrior princess

Resident Evil “Alice”

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Underworld “Selene”

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Underworld “Amelia”

The Queen of the Damned “Akasha”

The Mummy Returns “Evie”

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Aeon Flux

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“Cressida” in The Hunger Games

“Madison Lee” Charlie’s Angels

“Tauriel” The Hobbit. A character made by Peter Jackson because J.R.R Tolkien  has no women in this story

“Eowyn” The Lord of the Rings

“Artemisia” 300 Rise of an Empire

“Miho” Sin City

“Gabriel” Constantine