film: reanimator


I’m doing my damndest to get a Re-Animator print done for Fanime. I don’t have near enough gross horror type stuff to sell, so we’re gonna work on fixing THAT.

While I was trying to sketch out a bunch of Jeffrey Combs as West so I could get a good likeness down, I thought it’d be swell if there was some stupid slice-of-life AU of disaster science man and his undead cat. Rufus has a big red ribbon that keeps his guts in, and one of those calming collars to make him, you know, not kill you.

Re-animator novel important info

  • herbert’s an 24 yr old canadian orphan (he caused the fire that killed his family)
  • gruber knew herbert wouldnt like a nickname (screw u book he’s herbie now + forever)
  • herbert thought of dr gruber as a father and likewise gruber thought of him as a son, excuse me im cryin 
  • dan takes calcium supplements because he cant drink milk anymore. because he thinks corpses feel like milk cartons  
  • herbert immediately reminded dan of rufus, in his movements and mannerisms 
  • dan sleeps w/ star trek bed sheets 
  • dan’s a stoner
  • dan has a grays anatomy poster (and ofc his talking heads poster, which is not mentioned in the book)
  • herbert called dan a pleb b/c he wanted a tiffany lamp, dan got the lamp anyway
  • herb’s parents sent him to the psych as a kid b/c he spoke to the lawn (science stuff) instead of playin soccer w/ the other kids
  • herbert as a kid once stacked world books a-f on his head to counter a killer neckache 
  • dan can tell herbert’s jealous of meg
  • the cops ofc thought dan and herbert were gay
  • dan used it to his advantage later, way to go dan 
  • dr. hill tried to insult herb for bein a virgin, lol hes ace + ur a prick
  • herbert kept crying “gruber i join u!” when he thought he was dying
  • meg was written well i just wish there was more to her too, like nice little things like this