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A Handy Guide to Pretty Much Every Period Movie Ever:
-If a man and woman’s hands touch, they are as good as married.
-If anyone coughs, they will die before the movie is over.
-The main female character will fall for the arrogant dude with sideburns.
-If the sun starts to rise/set between two people’s faces, they are about to kiss.


She burst into tears as she alluded to it, and for a few minutes could not speak another word. Darcy, in wretched suspense, could only say something indistinctly of his concern, and observe her in compassionate silence.  
- Pride and PrejudiceChapter 46.

favourite moments from Deborah Moggach’s Pride & Prejudice (2005) screenplay

Elizabeth jumps up onto a wall and crosses the moat by walking a wooden plank duck board, a reckless trick learnt in early childhood.

Jane, (the eldest, most beautiful and most charmingly naive of the girls)

Mr Bennet is trying to ignore Mrs Bennet.

A dazzling group enters the room: George Bingley, 25, a good hearted soul but prone to bumbling embarrassment when his enthusiasms get the better of him, his sister Caroline, 23, a victim of every latest fashion, counting herself superior to most company she encounters, and finally, Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy, 27, dashing, brooding with an introversion which could be misconstrued as hauteur.

Mr Bingley spots Jane Bennet. For a moment he forgets himself and openly looks at her.

A stiff bow from Darcy, Elizabeth smiles, Darcy does not.

Bingley can’t keep his eyes off Jane, but is frightfully at a loss in disguising his instant ardour.

He looks at Jane a little blush starts around his collar.

His sister steps in as the blush threatens to engulf his ears.

Later. Bingley politely dancing with Charlotte. As he does so, he catches sight of Jane dancing with somebody else. A look of pure longing, but he cannot dance every dance with her.

Darcy stands watching, a look of infinitely superior boredom on his fine features.

Darcy looks at Elizabeth with surprise. A glimmering of interest.

She gives him a dazzling smile. Darcy looks startled. He has no idea she heard him. He blushes.

It’s very formal, in fact frigid, compared to the volatile Bennet household. Darcy is reading the newspaper; Caroline Bingley is reading a letter.

Lydia deliberately drops her handkerchief. One of the soldiers stands on it. She is appalled.

Bingley beams bashfully. He can’t take his eyes off her.

Collins looks lasciviously into the room.

Elizabeth cannot believe her misfortune in Mr Collins, but she smiles politely.

The Bennet’s enter the first reception room, the girls, including Mrs Bennet, are all dressed in white. Mr Collins is slightly detained as people pass.

Mr Collins arrives, breathless. He smiles eagerly at Elizabeth.

Elizabeth’s face is a matey rictus.

Mr Collins starts making his way determinedly towards Darcy.

Darcy does not notice him so Collins raises his voice.

The Bennet’s are squeezed into their carriage. It is light outside. Only Mrs Bennet is awake but the lack of an audience does not stop her from talking.

Mrs Bennet moans - she is hungover.

Darcy walks into the room. Lizzie freezes. When he sees Lizzie he, too, falters, and recovers himself.

A stiff bow from Darcy, who looks at Mr Collins as if he’s something brought in by the dog.

Darcy watches Elizabeth, keenly.

Mr Darcy glances sharply - in fact, admiringly - at Lizzie.

Darcy flinches at her bad manners. He moves away to the piano where Lizzie is playing - not that terribly well, it must be said.

Lizzie turns away from him and carries on playing. Darcy gazes at the curve of her neck.

Darcy sits down.

The sound of the front door, and voices. Darcy jumps up.

Sunday service is over and worshippers are leaving the “ church. Mr Collins, in his vestments, obeises himself to Lady Catherine, who is sweeping out with her miserable- looking daughter and downtrodden governess.

Darcy stops and gazes at her. He is in turmoil. Elizabeth glares at him, in a blaze of fury and misery.

Elizabeth has never felt more alone in the company of her sister.

They stop. He gazes at her with great emotion.

Elizabeth looks through the window at Darcy, her heart leaps to her mouth.

Elizabeth glances at Darcy. His face is strained. Mrs Bennet is all smiles for Bingley. She ignores Darcy.

Elizabeth walks out into the open countryside. The mists are starting to evaporate. From out of the mist in the distance a figure emerges. Her heart misses a beat. She is alone, vulnerable. Then she sees it is Darcy.

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Bag full of books ready to be returned to the library. I fell in love with reading when I was little and started reading these dog stories.. I lost interest when i was 13 but I found it again last year and I’m happier than I can describe.

anonymous asked:

Have you read any good p&p fics lately?

I’m glad you asked, my friend. :D

Miscommunication : Darcy marries Anne who is terminally ill four years before the main story starts. Thereafter the story line will follow the original in most respects, but the characters act in ways I believe their modern counterparts would do; with 21st century sensibilities and understanding. The locations are as in the original; Meryton is in Hertfordshire, the Gardiners live in London, Pemberley is in Derbyshire. Elizabeth and William will be together at the end of the story, but their journey will at times be difficult. (I’m currently reading this one)

Pounds: When his Jaguar breaks down while he’s on the road less traveled, Darcy discovers romance in an unlikely location. But can he and Lizzy Bennet move beyond friendship, overcome their differences, and find love in all the ‘wrong’ places?

Sanctuary: Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy have something in common: tragedy and loss. Both have decided to seek out a new life and a new home, a place where they can heal and put the pieces back together again.

Feel It All: This story does include sexual violence: Elizabeth is recovering from a rape assault and there are non-graphic allusions to it throughout the story. However there is one scene where she suffers a flashback from that event, and I will forewarn everyone in advance and set the scene aside to make it easy to skip over for those who are not comfortable reading sexually violent material.

The Pen is Mightier than the Gun: She is Detective Liz Bennet. Her skills are notorious, her exploits already legendary and her body is to die for. He is William Darcy, ruggedly handsome millionaire and best-selling mystery writer, parent to his younger sister. And he certainly has his issues, stemming from events of a decade ago. Darcy gets himself assigned to Bennet as a celebrity shadow. When the two meet he insults her and the sparks fly. Part P&P, part Castle (the TV show) and part original invention, this story is a mystery with plenty of humor, banter, fuzziness, heart, sweetness and other random stuff to balance out the tension and drama. HEA is guaranteed, well not for the villains, but for ODC. Previous knowledge of Castle is not necessary.

Plan B: I don’t even know how to explain this fic without giving too much away and there’s no blurb. All have to say is: it’s one of my favorite fics ever and there’s one of the most unexpected plot twists i’ve ever seen.

Repressed Feelings: What might happen if regency FD’s memories arose in a modern FD’s life, just when he was about to make the same mistakes as his predecessor did! (I know this premise might seem weird but trust me this fic is great. It made me cry like a baby)

Passages to Evil: This is a non-cannon story. Darcy finds Lizzy one night in the rain. She has been kidnapped by Wickham and managed to escape. With no memory for quite some time, she stays at Pemberley and falls in love with Darcy.

Dance The Tide: William Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet meet when they collide on a beach on Cape Cod, and though their immediate dislike for each other is strong, they soon begin to realize that first impressions aren‘t always true. As Elizabeth struggles to conquer her fears, and William works to overcome his arrogance and distrust, they both learn that the higher the walls around your heart, the harder you fall when someone tears them down.

A Beautiful Friendship: Darcy and Elizabeth are both affected by traumatic past experiences and only through an unusual relationship, can they overcome their fears to find true happiness (together, of course).

She Loved That Dress: She loved the dress. It made her feel alive. It made her feel like Patrick Swayze was going to come upon her any moment and tell her that she didn’t belong in any corner. The yellow, one strapped satin number was designed specifically for her by her all-knowing mother – a small hazard of having too much money and not enough interests to occupy her time. The slit only came up to her knee – just enough to leave one wondering… And the elegant, sparkling broach on her shoulder twinkled under her brown hair.