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So I just need to talk about something I just realized rewatching Pirates of the Caribbean

So you know the beginning of the series when we first meet the Swann household and Will Turner as Will delivers the sword Governor Swann had comissioned for Norrington?

Well as we are clearly told, Will made that sword and not his master. Norrington’s sword was made by William Turner. Then in the second film, we meet Cutler Beckett and as he is arresting Elizabeth and Will on their wedding day, he mentions Norrington is no longer around and reveals that he himself is the new owner of Norrington’s sword. Okay, yeah, still not THAT hard to miss, right?

So the films go on and we eventually get to the third film, when Norrington has now returned to the East India Trading Company and is Admiral on the Dutchman. He then sets Elizabeth and her crew free, where he is promptly caught by Bootstrap and murdered by Davy Jones. Davy Jones then picks up Norrington’s sword and mutters “nice sword!” before taking it and leaving Norrington’s body behind. 

So now the sword Will Turner made passed from Norrington > Cutler Beckett > Norrington > Davy Jones


Davy Jones then murders Will Turner by stabbing him through the heart with his sword. A sword Will Turner knows very well.

Because Will Turner made it. 

Will Turner made the sword that would kill him and eventually bind him to The Flying Dutchman.

Reasons to Love Pirates of the Caribbean #19

Look at these common laborers staring into the distance. From the score to the panning shot of their befuddled faces, you would think they were marveling at something spectacular, otherworldly, breathtaking! Two of the men are even pointing while the rest of them just stand idle.

But of course they’re looking at Jack, standing proud atop the miniature crow’s nest, barrel chested with pride as his humble boat approaches the docks! He certainly is a marvel isn’t he? So charismatic, so proud, so….



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