film: pac rim

dude though not once in pacific rim do they mention the internet dying, so it’s safe to assume that the internet is still around when this is taking place just think about it

  • jaeger pilot fan blogs
  • selfies with dead kaiju ‘look at this piece of shit #byeju’
  • 'share to help people who’s houses have been destroyed’
  • kaiju memes
  • petitions to take the funding from the wall and give it to the jaeger programme
  • 'But have you asked the kaiju what gender it is?’
  • K A I J U   M E M E S

But like I’m screaming because I’m imagining the first time Stacker brought Mako home. Mako who was tiny and had lost everything and now that the euphoria of being saved by Stacker had worn off was terrified and nervous again.

And then she meets Stackers son.

Stackers son who only hears “new sister” before deciding that this is the best thing ever and asking whether he can hug Mako. And when she silently says yes and giggles Stacker needs to take a moment because his children are way too cute.

Tiny Pentecost Jr and Tiny Mako who raise hell at home because they are mischievous and Stacker can’t stop laughing at half the things they pull to correct them.

Like we’re gonna get an amazing Pac Rim 2. But I don’t think it’s too early to start campaigning for a Pac Rim prequel that’s purely Stacker family shenanigans.

Pacific Rim is one of those movies where I just get excited about it at random times. Sometimes I’ll be in class and I’ll just be like “Wow Pacific Rim is a damn great movie.” or I’ll be at work or on the subway and I’ll just be like “You know what would make this better? Pacific Rim.”

Butch Flowers and Donut would totally be drift compatible. They specialize at killing Kaiju at long range, way before the beast would be within most Jaeger’s attic radius. Only once have they ever let a Kaiju hit the shore, and it died on the beach.

Just picture it. All these badass Jaeger teams lining up and at the end there’s Flowers and Donut. They’re arguing about which scented candles they’re going to put in the con-pod next.