film: oblivion

Did You Know: There is a hard to find side quest in Oblivion called “The Collector”? To begin it, you must first locate one of the rare Ayleid Statues, then decide to sell it with no prompt to do so. After that, you will get contacted one Umbacano, who will take you on a very long and mysterious journey to complete his collections.
Honest question, how many of you found out about this quest on your own? It’s one of the most obscure and hard to start ones of the series.

I like that if you play the TES games backwards the Dark Brotherhood’s method of introduction devolves

Skyrim: Kidnaps you in your sleep and brings you to an abandoned shack to test you by making you kill one of three people who may or may not be innocent

Oblivion: Breaks in to your hotel room and wakes you up to give you an invitation to join their murder club

Morrowind: stabs you in bed