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Pixar Sequels and their Morals
  • Toy Story 2/3: Nothing lasts forever, so it's very important to cherish the things you love while they last while also knowing when to let go.
  • Monsters University: Life can sometimes put you down a different path than the one you prepared for yourself, but that's nothing to be scared of.
  • Finding Dory: Mental illnesses and disabilities are not inconveniences one should have to apologize to others for; others should learn to accept the disability and change their behaviors accordingly.
  • Cars 2/3: If people hate your franchise enough, cripple or kill off the main character to get people to start talking about it again.

So this started as a simple drawing of Sulley from Monsters University because I always wondered what he would look like as a human. Then I decided to do Mike Wazowski too, and then everything just kinda got out of hand after that and I ended up humanizing 5 more characters from the movie that is slowing taking over my entire Tumblr.

I want to do more MU characters since I didn’t draw all of them of course, so whenever I continue this MU human series again I’ll just update it to this post!

I feel this may have gone over people’s heads earlier: Sully from Monsters Inc is gay and in a relationship with Mike wazowski. They stuck together even when they were both kicked out of university, when they had no reason to, in order to support each other into getting their dream jobs. Sully always wanted to adopt a child; Mike never wants children: hence their disagreement over Boo in Monsters Inc. The majority of their story we are shown displays the endearing closeness of their friendship in environments that are traditionally hostile to gay men: you’re not going to kiss in the workplace and you’re sure as hell not going to admit romantic interest in some dweeb when you’re a fuckin frat boy.

Tl:Dr; Mike and Sully are gay and the central conflict of Monsters Inc is them disagreeing over adoption