film: life of pi

Why do people move? What makes them uproot and leave everything they’ve known for a great unknown beyond the horizon? Why climb this Mount Everest of formalities that makes you feel like a beggar? Why enter this jungle of foreignness where everything is new, strange and difficult?

The answer is the same the world over: people move in the hope of a better life.

—  Life of Pi

I never thought a small piece of shade could bring me so much happiness. That a pile of tools, a bucket, a knife, a pencil, might become my greatest treasures. Or that knowing Richard Parker was here might ever bring me peace. In times like these, I remember that he has as little experience of the real world as I do. We were both raised in a zoo by the same master. Now we’ve been orphaned, left to face our ultimate master together. Without Richard Parker, I would have died by now. My fear of him keeps me alert. Tending to his needs gives my life purpose.

Nunca me he olvidado de él. ¿Me atrevo a decir que lo extraño? Sí. Lo extraño. Todavía lo veo en mis sueños. Son pesadillas mayormente, pero pesadillas con destellos de amor. Tal es la extrañeza del corazón humano. Sigo sin poder entender como me pudo haber abandonado sin ninguna delicadeza, sin ningún tipo de despedida, sin mirar atrás ni siquiera una vez. El dolor es como un hacha que parte mi corazón.
—  Life of Pi (La Vida de Pi), Yann Martel