film: le samourai

Personal Aesthetics. Tagged by @rebelcolumbia

I was hesitant to do this since my first attempt was crap and I used to do presentations like this back in college and so I was even more reluctant to do so. (Felt like homework) But found my groove and found some great pics buried deep in my computer.

I guess my personals aesthetics mostly deal with my overwhelming desire to just get out of here. And because i’m stuck I find myself drawn to these visions of other worlds and other times and it reflects in my work. I largely gave up on superhero comics because they just want to be so friggin’ grounded and realistic when they should be boundless flights of imagination.

It’s why i was drawn to Moebius, Brandon Graham, Fear Agent, Samurai Jack, and old Heavy Metal magazine.  I want to live and adventure in those places and meet/fight/etc the strange, wonderful, and terrifying beings that inhabit those worlds.

I guess they represent a freedom that often feels missing in my own life.