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Some weeks ago, I answered an ask about which character from another RP/fandom that I would bring to FFXIV. I always create a character wherever I go called “Jonah Scott”, I decided to create as a Miqo’te because they are the only ones that could give me the young boyish look that Jonah always have without looking silly, and I obviously will explain ICly how he got this name.

So here’s Jonny Boy! Ahah

can i just say, as someone who’s had to come out as trans to people who i wasn’t sure how they would react, i NEVER said i was trans.

so many people are getting upset that Cyrus never said he was gay in that scene with Buffy, but let me tell you, if you’re not sure how someone is gonna react, and it’s the first person you’re coming out to, you probably won’t be able to just say it.

you’re gonna want to wait and see how they react once they realize, and then maybe say it. and honestly, there’s gonna be so many things with Cyrus and coming out, that he probably will say he’s gay, but so far they’re doing it right.

most people have trouble just saying it the first time, and need to build up more confidence with it before they’re fully comfortable telling anyone.

so yeah, Disney is doing more than perfect with handling this storyline so far, and not over-dramatizing it or making it most of Cyrus’s character, which is something i’ve seen happen lots.

OK so this is way overraction

But umm today I saw some of the hate that the boys can get especially Jack Corbyn and jonah and it actually made me tear up. I just. I don’t understand. How can u “like the band” but be so nasty to some of the boys. I just I don’t understand. I get that alot of people find daniel like maybe the leader and Zach as the hottest. Like I guess I can understand. But it’s not fair. They’re a group. They’re a band. There brothers. Without all of them together they’ll be nothing. I’m totally OK with people having their own lanes I mean fuck I’m in like 3 but I just. I don’t get it. And I keep showing my support for them. Whether they see it or not I feel like it’s important to show support especially when there is hate. I’m actually do angry at that bullshit poll that went out. Corbyn tried so hard to be sweet and happy for everyone but it is so obvious (it was to me anyway) that he was so so so hurt. 5%are you fucking kidding. Who the fuck thought that was a good fucking idea. I just. Sorry for this rant. It’s all jumbled and probs doesn’t make sense but it physically hurts me to see this shit. Like. I was sad and typing this I actually feel sick. Like. It’s not even just about the boys. The fucking hate in this world needs to. Stop. I can’t handle it anymore. It depresses me and so many others to extremes.

Back to the boys. They are so wonderful and strive to achieve getting smiles on. Everyone’s face every single fucking day. I don’t understand why you’d want to hurt them. I just. I’m sorry guys. I mean I know that there is heaps of support for all of them. But the hate has gotta go

Imma post this on twitter too so retweet it and stuff so that maybe they can see that there is actually heaps of support out there