film: jonah

Things I'd Say to the Characters of Andi Mack
  • Andi: You are literally a smol bean, ily so much and you deserve all the happiness
  • Buffy: can you just daTE MARTY ALREADY JESUS CHRIST (also dont be so competitive k thx)
  • Cyrus: My little gay jewish bean, you're my favorite character
  • Jonah: Pls dump Amber, she doesn't deserve you
  • Amber: Hey, please just take a chill pill and stop being a brat, thanks
  • Bex: Hey, adopt me, thx
  • Bowie: You're literally such an amazing father, please come back on the episodes??? Thx??
  • Ham: You're pretty cool, i wanna get to know you better
  • Celia: Can you just chill for a moment k thx
  • Marty: Just freakin ask Buffy out pls and thank you