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Hocus Pocus Glamour

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When the souls of the little children of Salem are not available =P

What you will need
 - Full moon water
 - Cauldron (or whatever you use for one, or a simple bowl)
 - Your favorite tea
 - A shawl or piece of mystical/ethereal fabric
 - A dead man’s toes

Use the moon water to boil up some tea.  Pour the still-steaming tea into your cauldron/bowl/container.  Use the fabric to cover your head and the tea, keeping in as much of the steam as possible.  Suck in the steam, taking in the vitality and beauty.  Let out as sigh as the inner foulness leaves you.  Continue until you feel filled with the beauty or until the steam gets too much, whichever comes first.

Lift your head, removing the shawl.  You are different from before.  You are more youthful, more beautiful in ways few can comprehend, and a better you.  

Now get out there and raise some hell

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