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The American Scream

“Jump up and make a bush noise!”

The American Scream is a lovely tender documentary about normal people, who get serious about decorating their house for Halloween.

I don’t know whether the intent was to make a freakshow about the oddballs, but humans are odd, and all the families in the show are so lovely. Being passionate about the smallest, strangest things is so human and universal; even if you’re not into halloween, you will know that feeling and connect to it. All the haunters are sweet guys saying stuff like “this is what I think I’m good at” or “Sometimes I can’t believe that I actually made that!” or “I’m not a great artist” or “family is everything to me”.

I gotta say. American home haunts, as far as I’ve seen, are a bit haphazard for my taste. I do haunts and they are all about atmosphere, and focus - I’d never put a giant spider near a vampire and a ghost in a graveyard. That’s four different aesthetics.

It’s also not a very exciting doc. I’m surprised it’s 90 minutes long. This would make a natural 45 minute special; I’m not certain the subject warrants a whole hour and a half movie. Unless you’re, er, a haunter frantically taking envious notes.

The drama is on the level of “I always wanted two bathrooms. We have one.” Little human things. There is and there should be a place for observations of the small things in life; I think it says a lot about what’s it like to be part of an ordinary American family. Just know your heart-rate will not be shifted by this film (unless the words “2 days to Halloween” set off a veteran haunter’s panic response!).

Sweet; non-challenging; a testament to the human spirit!; will make you wish it was October again already.

“I was taken aback that Vic would make this much work for himself”



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