film: get real


Marksandrec’s Super Dooper Popcorn Party #229

(Most dialogue from Happy New Year, Charlie Brown. Dan’s is from Rent, though, haha.) (Best wishes for 2017, guys!)


Wales’ Euro 2016 campaign is being made into a documentary that will be released in the UK on 3 March


favourite gay protagonist: Steven Carter (Ben Silverstone)

“I’m sick of feeling totally alone. I want to have friends who like me for who I am. I want to be part of a family who love me for who I am, not someone I pretend to be to keep their love. I’m sick of hiding, of feeling sad and scared … I’m gay. Sorry mum, dad. But you can bet your life you’re not the only parents out there with a gay son. It’s only love. What’s everyone so scared of?”

Based on Patrick Wilde’s stage play What’s Wrong With Angry?, Get Real (directed by Simon Shore) follows British schoolboy Steven Carter as he falls in love with the school jock and eventually finds the courage to come out.