film: frozen*


Hans is Defying the hell out of Gravity!

I’ve been wanting to draw Hans using his fire power for flying. I wasn’t sure if that’s even possible, but I then remembered the fire benders from Last Airbender and Legend of Korra did this so WHY NOT XD

I also added him when he was younger and testing his ‘flying’ abilities and how difficult it was at first to even try to turn around.

That old man with the scars is an OC I came up with. I imagine that even though Hans was shunned by his family, he is still a Prince and all Princes requires education, lessons on sword fighting, etiquette, etc. Everyone was too scared to go into his isolated area of the castle to be his teacher, except the old retired military general who is friends with the King.

Even though the King specifically told the retired general to make sure that Hans never uses his fire, he secretly spends everyday teaching Hans how to control the fire instead of forcefully repressing it. Until he gets caught anyway.