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As a kid I always thought I was Belle, but I really wanted to be Crysta. Ferngully was the first movie to ever make me weep, and as a kid it emotionally wrecked me…. I would cry over my parents using paper(it was a problem). If you haven’t seen Ferngully, just go watch it. Seriously, it’s important. Anyway, I have wanted to dress up as Crysta for basically as long as I can remember but I was always waiting ‘for it to be perfect’, till I found the perfect wings, or lost a few more lbs… but sometimes you have to stop trying to be perfect and putting the things off that you want to do and just do them. ❤️✨


The comments on this vid are fucking grand.  X’)

“when you’re a kid and you have a weird sexual awakening for sentient pollution just because of tim curry’s voice”

“damn it curry. Don’t make me want to stick my dick into motor oil.”

“that moment of awkward arousal to a fucking cartoon pile of sludge…“

“Almost forgot to masturbate to this today“

“damn, handsome Squidward really outdone himself this time.”

“Okay, so there are a lot of comments saying how Hexxus and this song are really sexy, and that’s true, but I just realized something.  Thematically, that’s kind of brilliant.  Polluting is easy to do.  All it takes is thoughtlessness and short-sighted pursuit of pleasure and profit; you get a big, smog-emitting truck because it makes you feel like a big man.  You throw that cigarette butt on the ground instead of disposing of it properly because it’s easier that way.  The forests are cut down for logging and cattle grazing land because it’s profitable.  The act of polluting is seductive, it’s a temptation that we actively have to fight if we want to preserve the environment.  This isn’t a good movie and I don’t know if that was intentional, but the thematic elements of this scene are very strong.”

Michael After Midnight - FernGully: The Last Rainforest

Ahhh, FernGully: The Last Rainforest. This movie is absolutely a guilty pleasure of mine, though one I have very little guilt in admitting I love. This is pretty much the absolute peak of cheesy 90s environmental movies, and it featured Robin Williams AND Tim Curry in its cast, so surely it’s gotta be a blast. AND… it is! I hold it up with Captain Planet as the ultimate in heavy-handed moralizing 90s animation. It’s fun, cheesy, and yeah, it’s kind of a message we need to hear, even if it was delivered in an awkward way.

So what is the story? In a magical fantasy land known as Australia, deep in a rainforest is the kingdom of FernGully, a place where fairies live in harmony with nature. All the fairies think humans are extinct, until one day the super hot fairy Crysta ventures forward and finds a logging operation that seems to only employ non-Australians (as no one has an accent). She accidentally shrinks a human named Zak and then meets an insane fruit bat named Batty Koda, they team up to defeat the evil lord of pollution that was unleashed from his imprisonment: Hexxus. His goal: to turn all the world into a toxic wasteland. Can they stop him in this 90s environmental anti-pollution save-the-Earth movie? Take a wild guess.

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