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BUNNY: And it would never work.
BUNNY: Oh because you’re not in love with me, you’re in love with her, she’d always come first. If anything went wrong with her you’d forget about me [snaps] like that.
SUMNER: I couldn’t care less about that – it could blow up right now and it wouldn’t bother me.
BUNNY: Is that so? Let’s see.
SUMNER: See? It doesn’t mean a thing to me! You’re the only thing I care about… Honestly, it’ll only take a second.

Flying desk set?
  • Neil: Is today your birthday? Happy birthday!
  • Todd Anderson: Thanks.
  • Neil: What'd you get?
  • Todd Anderson: [indicating the desk set lying beside him] My parents gave me this.
  • Neil: Isn't this the same desk set...
  • Todd Anderson: Yeah. Yeah, they gave me the same thing as last year.
  • Neil: Oh.
  • Todd Anderson: Oh.
  • Neil: Maybe they thought you needed another one.
  • Todd Anderson: Maybe they weren't thinking about anything at all. The funny thing is about this is, I-I didn't even like it the first time.
  • Neil: Todd, I think you're underestimating the value of this desk set. [He picks it up]
  • Neil: I mean, who would want a football or a baseball or...
  • Todd Anderson: Or a car.
  • Neil: Or a car, if they could have a desk set as wonderful as this one? I mean, if-if I were ever going to buy a desk set, twice, I would probably buy this one. Both times! In fact, its shape is... it's rather aerodynamic, isn't it? [walks to the edge of the roof]
  • Neil: You can feel it. This desk set wants to fly! [hands it to Todd]
  • Neil: Todd? The world's first unmanned flying desk set. [Todd throws it off the roof - papers fly everywhere and things crash and clatter to the ground]
  • Neil: Oh my! Well, I wouldn't worry. You'll get another one next year.