film: days of being wild


“In Hong Kong in the ‘60s, going to cinema was a big thing. We have cinemas for Hollywood films, local productions, European cinema, but there was no [label of] art film at that time. Even Fellini was treated as a commercial film. So as a kid, I spent a lot of time with my mother in the cinemas. And we didn’t know which is an art film, which is a commercial film; we just liked to watch the cinema. […] I’m not coming from film school, I learned cinema in the cinema watching films, so you always have a curiosity. I say, well, what if I make a film in this genre? What if I make this film like this? It’s always like curiosities and drive, like, let’s try to do this one this time.” – Wong Kar-wai

What drives a filmmaker to do his best? He must have this kind of passion, this almost like an addiction, he wants to make sure everything is right, he is so curious about this world. I think that’s the driving force…There are so many filmmakers today. Everybody can be a filmmaker, with your iPhone, with all these cameras. All of us are actually providing visions and sharing our angles, and some people get picked up because they are appreciated by a lot of people, and some of them, they have less of a following but that doesn’t mean their work is lesser. It’s our job to do something that, first of all, we are convinced and we have to convince people.

Wong Kar-wai