film: afod

First Listen Through Thoughts on AHFOD

I love love love love this album. I love the instrumentation. I love the lyrics. I love the variety.
The tracks featuring Tove Lo and Bey are perfection.
It’s perfect for my morning commute. The album has such a positive energy going; I adore it! The boys have said that they loved making this record and you can hear it when you listen to the music. When you listen to X&Y (at least to me) you can’t hear that enjoyment.
Are some of the lyrics a little cliché? Yes. That being said, just because something is cliché, doesn’t mean it’s untrue or not to nice to hear. As I’ve gone through life I’ve learned that clichés are clichés for a reason.
AHFOD is just wonderful. I hope to do a track by track review when finals end.
Favourite track? Fun. I think Chris’s and Tove Lo’s voices mesh wonderful and I just love the feel of the song.
Also I’m LIVING for the guitar lines on this album. Slay Jonny slay.

Yeah, I love it!