film: a royal affair


Your Majesty. Don’t get up. I managed to slip away from the ministers’ wives. Years of practice. Do you think we’ll ever be free? The people, I mean. Mankind. Will your treasured Enlightenment free us from stupidity and fear of divine punishment? I think so Yes. Frederik’s generation will be the standard bearer for a new dawn. So we should lie on our deathbeds and rejoice as the new dawn passes us by? You will never see your brilliant ideas carried out. At Court I have the authority of a mere maid. And my husband? He has the authority. I don’t think you realize how much influence you have on Christian. He trusts you unconditionally.

These Amorous Rites

Robert Devereaux Earl of Essex/Johann Struensee (NC-17)

Johann snorted. “Has anyone ever told you you’re an incorrigible flatterer?”

“Many times, though I’ve never found myself deterred.” Robert’s eyes searched his face, and his ever present smirk faded into a soft frown. He reached out to tuck a stray lock of hair behind Johann’s ear. “You look exhausted.”

“It’s not an easy job being aide to the King.”

Essex nodded at the stack of documents heaped up on his desk. “So I can see. You’re expected to look over all of that tonight?”

“Not all. Most can wait.”

Robert trailed his knuckles over the hollow of Johann’s cheek, following its curve up his face. As he traced the bag beneath Johann’s eye he could have sworn he saw a flicker of true concern pass across his expression. And then in a flash it was gone, replaced by a coquettish grin.

“You’re practically a king in your own right with all the work you do,” Robert murmured, cupping Johann’s cheek in his palm. Before there could be any warnings of the weight of treason his words held, he continued, “And do you know what a king deserves? Someone to take away his exhaustion.”

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“We had such a little boy school-like camp for me, Mikkel [Boe Følsgaard] and Cyron [Melville] if suddenly on Sunday we could not get home to Denmark. And I bought a football and found some places where we could play. And we could be fired of course, right? It was reasonably much stress for produsers - that we were runing around with the ball. So we had to lie constantly about it and smuggle it out in a way or another - it would not be good if any of us got an injury. And we tried also to control ourselves, but it was a bit difficult because we have some really childish lads inside, all three of us.”

- Mads Mikkelsen about filming in ‘A Royal Affair’