film: a good year

Devin Dulany filmmaker•illustrator•nyc 

“Every day I…think about untwisting and untangling…these strings I’m in…”

I never thought I’d be drawing Robert Pattinson, but god DAMN does he give an electrifying performance in Good Time, possibly my favorite film of the year…I just can’t get it out of my head! I recently saw it twice on the big screen - both times in 35mm at @metrographnyc - and the second time I said yep, it’s definitely a masterpiece. A totally wild, insanely original masterpiece, pulsating with life. So I drew this to celebrate it. Just don’t look into his eyes… (thanks @booger_nose and @bowedtie for creating something which will inspire and haunt me forever)


David Tennant telling everyone at the TV Choice Awards where his wife was.

Favorite Romantic Comedies

Love, Rosie - Dir. by Christian Ditter

Love Actually - Dir. by Richard Curtis

27 Dresses - Dir. by Anne Fletcher

Clueless - Dir. by Amy Heckerling

The Proposal - Dir. by Anne Fletcher 

Leap Year - Dir. by Anand Tucker

Letters To Juliet - Dir. by Gary Winick