film: a good year


A Good Year AU.

Basically, A good year is the story of a Posh English twat who hasn’t taken a holiday since he got his job finds out that his Uncle - the only relative he has left - is dead. His uncle owned a vineyard (and chateau) in France and he goes over there to sell the place. The family who used to take care of the vineyard still lives there and try and covince him not to sell- to the point of inviting the illegitimate daughter of the uncle, so he leagally can’t sell it, but she has no proof that he was the father. His friend comes over from England to help in sell the place and gains a thing for the illegitimate daughter. He falls in love with a fiesty local who he knew as a child and they end up together. On top of this, there are flashbacks to him as a child and he ends up forging evidence so that she owns the estate as she grew up on a vineyard. Everyone lives Happily ever after and this can accmodate up to 4 ships.

I’m shit at describing stuff but if you watch the movie you’ll see that the main two characters could be Remodora, Wolfstar, Jily, Romione, Dramione, Drarry or Bill x Fleur.

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Un uomo dovrebbe riconoscere le sue sconfitte garbatamente così come festeggia le sue vittorie. Col tempo vedrai che un uomo non impara niente quando vince. Perdere invece può condurre a grande saggezza. Il nocciolo della quale poi è quanto sia più gradevole vincere. È inevitabile perdere di tanto in tanto… il trucco è che non diventi un'abitudine.
—  Un'ottima Annata - A good Year

if the lego batman movie, get out, and logan are any indication of the quality of 2017 cinema then we’re in for a good ass year for films ladies and gents