film: Harry Potter

deamus post-war au

After the war, Seamus and Dean manage to get their shit together and finally begin dating. (Their friends breathe a collective sigh of relief–including Hermione, who Seamus tells to piss off; it took her just as long to get together with Ron, for gods sake.) They settle down in London (Seamus isn’t happy about it, but he’ll go with what he gets), in a pretty house near the forests. Dean paints, Seamus writes, and, for two guys with abandonment issues and dripping sarcasm, live as happily ever after as possible.

And a finished set! 

Here are Sandra, Fiorello, Nelson, and Sasha representing Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw via tiny knitted scarves (of varying degrees of lumpiness.  but I’m getting better!).

Much love to the cast and crew of the CW show Arrow for providing me with hours of entertainment as I made these.  Each little scarf took about…I don’t know, an episode and a half, maybe.