film: jeff who lives at home


You know, I’ve been havin’ this really weird dream about Dad lately.
- Yeah.
He’s a teacher. And…We’re in this classroom with a whole bunch of kids, and we all sit down. And Dad asks everyone, “What’s the greatest day in the history of the world?" And one kid is like, "Christmas." And Dad’s like, "No." And whenever they get the answer wrong, they have to leave the room.


“I watched "Signs” again last night. It keeps getting better every time I see it. It’s funny, the first time you watch it, it’s kinda hard to understand what it’s about. Just sorta meanders. And then everything comes together in this one perfect moment at the end. And when you watch it a second, or third, or fourth time you start, you start to see that all of this randomness is leading towards a perfect moment. My favorite character is the little girl. everyone thinks she’s so strange, because she can’t finish a glass of water. she’s convince that they’re contaminated. so by the end of the film there are glasses of water littered around this house. and then it’s the water that saves them. and that was fate.“