Twelve beings who one should not sit next to on the train unless there are absolutely no other seats

1. Nicholas Hawksmoor, or for that matter any other currently-deceased architects

2. Carnivorous earpod vines

3. Shark whisperers, if your route takes you past the sea

4. People who are currently being the protagonist in an action film

5. Any of the four commuters of the apocalypse, particularly War, who has a tendency to cause fights to break out

6. Killer robots, particularly if they are labelled as such

7. Upwardly mobile buddleia bushes

8. Anyone who is asleep and having a dream that they are on a train, in case that you should find yourself only a figment in their dream to be snuffed out when they wake

9. Other trains which have decided to try and get a seat on this one for laughs

10. Negative people; that is to say, those made of antimatter where it may well be that accidentally brushing legs with them causes a planet-obliterating explosion. Feel free to sit next to people who are merely a bit down

11. Anything that admits to having an insatiable appetite for human flesh

12. The great god Pan; in this case it might also be wise to get off at the next stop too

Let’s Play Tag, část sedmá : Happiness

     Tagged by the admirable @theseeker1864, to list ten things that make me happy and pin of a few wriggling Tumblr folk down to play, as well. (However, this is meant to be fun, no one is under any obligation to participate -and If you aren’t named in this round, but want to join in, please do). Thanks for the invite @theseeker1864, I’m always up for a game.

Let’s jam!

1) The wild, face-contorting smile that practically eats up the faces of the three people I love most (Yes, they all share the same spectacular grin.)

2) Live Theater (of any variety -concerts, speakers series, interactive exhibits, flash mobs, etc)

3) Art (in all its infinite forms) and the ability to access it

4) Music and Film (see point 3 ☺️)

5) The sense of accomplishment (or is it relief?) I feel when a piece I work on (written or visual) matches the vision housed within my imagination upon its completion

6) Traveling

8) Those singular, inestimable moments when everyone within my circle are all content and well.

9) Spring gardening with my animal compatriots, nearby

10) The ability to be alone, when needed

I tag: @nosorryforyou, @mist2myst, @mel-melx365, @solbacka, @missy1952

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