Opening Sequence - Trainspotting

Still one of the best opening scenes ever made.

It’s about being in your 20s, coping with nihilism, disgust with society and, eh, life, in general.

But Renton was wrong. He accepts this by the end. 

But you understand exactly why he was so unhappy in the first place. The casual, indifferent laugh McGregor gives when he damn near gets run over is incredibly powerful.  He was never given anything to care about. 

An important scene to this day.

One key question to interpreting the film Ex Machina is: Was Caleb truly a good person? Personally, I think the movie hints that maybe he wasn’t.

He only ever saw Ava as an empty fantasy object. Even when Nathan correctly points out to him that Ava was just manipulating him, Caleb is still fixated on her and is deluding himself into thinking they have have a future together. 

He sees Kyoko being horribly abused. More than Ava ever was. But does he try to help her? No. Was she ever included in the escape plan? No. Because Kyoko wasn’t  “girlfriend material” to him.  So he ignored her. 

Granted, Ava’s actions towards him at the end were callous as hell. But, then, didn’t Caleb intend to do the same thing to Nathan? Heck, he might have given her the idea

Ava used Caleb. She was desperate to escape. But I think the real reason she left him to die at the end? She simply didn’t trust him. 

Going by what Alex Garland has said, he never sympathized with Caleb much either.  

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

Dearth of TV available on Friday night so settled for a re-watch of this on Film4 (seem to be watching a few comic book movies this month).

My favourite part is actually the beginning sequence where Wolverine and Sabretooth fight in various wars, I do enjoy a little “faction”, helps be buy into far fetched stories.

I guess the clue is in the name but I enjoyed the backstorys for Wolverine, Gambit & Sabretooth, the ‘adamantium' scene  works and overall the snappy interplay between the characters is quite nice - especially when they’re still part of Stryker’s team.

Unfortunately as with all superhero movies they end in an OTT explosionfest - but what do I expect given the subject matter??

Not bad, neither better nor worse on a second watch.



Anna Kendrick en el Film4 Clapperboard Montaje 2015


The Film4 CAROL Interview Special is finally here! 


It’s long but definitely worth watching!