Mr. Garry handed me my graded test back. “Another big fat D!” I yelled, ripping it and tossing it into the nearest bin. “Becca!” I screamed at my best friend, “how am I supposed to get into NYU with grades like these?”

She his her B from me, looking out for my feelings as always. “How aboutb you try studying?”


She smiled at me as we walked out if class, “then get a tutor.”

“I’m not made of money Bee, I can’t pay for a tutor.”

We made our way to the gym for an assembly as she said, “listen y/n. If you really want to pass… Act like it! Get a tutor, find a job. Tell someone you’ll help then in film class if they help you in math! Make a deal.”

I plopped down on the bleachers, “I don’t even need math to become a director.”

“Well… You need college.”

That’s true. I do need college in order to achieve my dream. I’ve always wanted to be a film director, and I want to study at the New York University. But my grades are not going to get me there. As I was deep in thought my eyes landed on a lonley boy sitting a few steps below me. His name is Dylan. He started school here this year and hasn’t made friends since. This guy is crazy smart. He has top grades in all his classes and the teachers love him! And honestly… He’s a bit cute, but he’s never tried taking to me so I didn’t bother either. Now… I see him as a potential tutor. He’s in my film class and is yet to find a partner for our next project. Our teacher gave us a day to find someone to work with and I haven’t decided on anyone yet, obviously Bee isn’t in my class.

“Hey Dylan!” I shouted, attracting eyes from all around. Dylan’s eyes left his phone and he looked back at me, pushing his glasses up his nose as he did so. “Can I talk to you?” He looked around as if to make sure I was talking to him, then hastly nodded. Ignoring Becca’s questions, I climbed down and sat next to him, “What’s up?” Dylan shrugged, I guess he’s not much of a talker. “Um… Do you have a partner for film yet?” He shook his head, “well I’ll be your partner, if you do something for me.”

Then he spoke, “you say that as if you’re doing me a favor, but in partnering up we’d both benifit equally.” His voice was unique, not rough nor soft, but confident and smooth.

“You’ll get a really good grade with me. I’m really good at film.” I tried to argue, but he had a point, and I was still taken aback by his confidence.

“I’m good enough to get a high mark myself, thank you though.”

He was really getting to me, “are you like anti social or something? Im making an effort here and you’re being rude.”

Dylan simply studied my face for a while, not saying a single word. Then he smiled, “I’m sorry, last time someone tried to partner up with me here it was so they could get a high grade then make fun of me.”

He said this casually as if it was the most normal thing. The thought saddened me, did he think I would do that? “Dylan..” I spoke softly, “I’m sorry if anyone was ever mean to you I know it can be hard to start at a new school. But I have no intention of hurting you. I was actually hoping you could help me.”

“Help you what?”

“Help me with math. I’m pretty bad at it and I was hoping you could tutor me after school? That’s why I offered to partner with you, to page you back.”

He nodded, “and this tutoring thing, it’s strictly business? You have no intention of friendship?”

I cracked a smile, “I’d love to be you’d friend, you seem pretty cool.”

Dylan smiled for the first time since I sat next to him. “In that case, I’d be glad to tutor you, and were can film together.. as friends.”

“Really?! Wow! Awesome!” I pulled out my phone and handed it to him, “put your number in so we can make plans.” He handed me his and we exchanged numers. “Oh this’ll be great!” I hugged him tightly then went back up to Becca, “I just got a tutor!”

next Monday A knock echoed through my house, “I’ll get it mom it’s Dylan!”

I opened the door and sure enough Dylan stood there, in his glasses and with his backpack. He smiled cheekily, “hello y/n. Ready to learn?”

“Actually no,” I grimaced, “I was hoping we could just chat.”

“Too bad,” he walked into the house, “You asked for education, and education you shall get.” Your mother walked by and waved at you both, “Hi Mrs. Y/l/n.”

“Hello dear, well, I’ll let you two get to your work. Keep the door open.”

In my room, Dylan set his books on my desk and said, “okay so let’s start with the triangles. Your friend may have mentioned to me that those are difficult for you.” Two months later

“A B! Dylan! Dylan I got a B!” I wove through the cried of students in the hallway and jumped at Dylan in a hug, “oh my goodness thank you!” I felt his arms hug me back and his laugh vibrate through his chest. “Seriously Dylan, thank you!”

I was still hugging him when I moved my head to look at him. Our faces were dangerously close. We seemed to put ourselves in these awkward Situations a lot in the past few Weeks. Dylan set me down, “Im proud of you, congratulations. I guess you don’t need me anymore.

“Are you kidding? I’m never letting you go. I’ll see you tonight at the park to film?”

He pulled his backpack on, “wouldn’t miss it for the world.” As He walked away, this guy Brian shoved him with his shoulder and his friends laughed as Dylan fixed his glasses and walked off, not doing anything about it.

“Brian lay off him,” i ordered.

“Screw of math girl.”

“Math girl? Really?” Becca laughed as we walked off. “So what’s the deal with you and Dylan? You looked like you were having a moment back there.”

“N…no we didn’t!”

She smirked, “mmhm.”

“I’m here!” Dylan ran up to me at the park, “sorry I’m late.”

“It’s fine.” I mumbled, averting his gaze, “let’s just get this done.”

“y/n are you alright?” He asked, “look at me are you okay?”

“Yes,” I lied. I couldnt stop thinking about what Becca said to me before i left her housd. You two are obviously into eachother. I will not deny that I have been attracted to Dylan, but could I actually like him like that? I shook my head, this isn’the time to think about this stuff. I went to get the camera from it’s case and we started filming.

We had decided to not be in the video. We’ve been filming stuff like our hands, feet, water, trees etc… and we would do voice-overs. Our theme was ‘life’ and we took it to a whole other level.

“that’s a wrap!” Dylan yelled. I got down from the swing and walked over to pack up. “We can start editing in class tomorrow and then- y/n? Why are you so quiet it isn’t like you.

"I was just thinking,” I spoke.

He opened the bag for me as I placed in the camera. “About?”

I shrugged.

“Is this about this morning?” He asked, “you saw those guys and realized I’m too lame?”

“No!” I looked up at him, “that’s not it.”

He sighed, “then what?” He crouched next to me on the grass.

“I’m just really confused right now.”

“Well I’m your tutor right? I get rid of the confusion.”

“I have a friend that likes this guy.. i mean she thinks she does. She doesn’t know what to do. Or how to feel. What if he doesnt like her? Then their relationship. Their amazing friendship will be ruined.”

I looked up to see his eyebrows knitted deep in thought. He was close enough for his breath to fan my face. His glasses hung on the tip of his nose. Subconsciously I pushed them back. In a second, his fingers wrapped around my hand and He pulled me closer. His lips collided with mine.

My insides seemed to take flight as we sat there. Kissing. For someone who said He never had a girlfriend, He was really good at kissing. Just lips were soft and I couldn’t Get enough. Unfortunately we were both human and we had to separate for breath. Our forheads touched as we breathed for air. His lips were red and swollen, they shaped Into a cute smile, “I don’t know about your friend,” He breathed deeply, “but I know you and I can’t just be friends. I mean, your kiss is fire.”

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“it is happening again”

I’ve made the transition from my life being a Wong Kar-wai film to David Lynch. Absolutely apropreat it happened at rockabilly round up. Crushed red velvet drapes lined the stage at the Fairview. Even the name, not a good view but a fair one, harking back to a dark murky past of this terminal city. I could go on with specific elements in detail but words are superfluous.

(side note: thankful for the friends in my life)