baby making srsly!  this just makes me want to get inappropriate with attractive classmates.  WHERES VANCOUVERS JUMPOFF~? so jelly of toronto at the moment.

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“it is happening again”

I’ve made the transition from my life being a Wong Kar-wai film to David Lynch. Absolutely apropreat it happened at rockabilly round up. Crushed red velvet drapes lined the stage at the Fairview. Even the name, not a good view but a fair one, harking back to a dark murky past of this terminal city. I could go on with specific elements in detail but words are superfluous.

(side note: thankful for the friends in my life) 

applying the subtext.

incapable of verbal communication, 

slack jawed idiot.

where, for that moment

 you  pull  my  focus

everything else in the world cease to consume,

i stop thinking, it’s beautiful. 

and it’s addicting, the withdrawal leaves me stain ridden stretched out wet cotton cashmere blend, where i roll them up to hide how worn they are. to fall inline with the clichéd idiom.


welp i was holding it together and then that popped up /creys

(also, I have now seen Brian Littrell drop the f-bomb

It’s a little like seeing my pre-school teacher flip someone off or something lmao)


talking and touching Crispin Glover twice in 48hrs!

Lucy will be a hippy - 28th & 29th September 1997

Lucy will be a hippy – 28th & 29th September 1997

Sunday 28th I forgot to mention yesterday that Man U lost their first match to Leeds 1-0. I think I probably blanked it out of my mind.

Emma told me that The Full Monty was sold out so they had to go and see Austin Powers instead which is meant to be crap! Ha, ha, ha!!! Emma also mentioned that Dougie was going to see it with Ed, the Germans, Lucy and Poppy. Poor lad!

Not much has happened today…

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