baby making srsly!  this just makes me want to get inappropriate with attractive classmates.  WHERES VANCOUVERS JUMPOFF~? so jelly of toronto at the moment.

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Hey, do you know any gay movies? But like the High School type about teen boys being gay? Thanks! Love the blog btw xx

I’ll list films with Gay themes, I don’t know if there are any High School films about boys being Gay.

-Brokeback Mountain (2005)

-Shelter (2007)

-Beautiful Thing (1996)

-Weekend (2011)

-A Single Man (2009)

-J. Edgar(2011)

-Pride (2014)

-The Imitation Game (2014)

-The Way He Looks (2014)

-Boy Culture (2007)

-GBF (2013)

- Seashore (2015)

More: X

-M xxx

Five o’clock familiar.

One of the fixtures of my days in Ulsan are the brief, yet warm interactions I have with the familiar faces that populate my daily route. The quiet acknowledgement, smiles and broken attempts at expression are some of the things I will come to miss.


All movies have English subtitles!

First picture are all American releases. Region 1 DVDs that will work on any American DVD player.
Second picture are all Malaysian releases. Region Free DVDs that will work on any DVD player.
Third picture is a mixture of releases. They are Region 3 DVDs and need a Region Free DVD player.

Movie titles and prices are under the cut!

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“it is happening again”

I’ve made the transition from my life being a Wong Kar-wai film to David Lynch. Absolutely apropreat it happened at rockabilly round up. Crushed red velvet drapes lined the stage at the Fairview. Even the name, not a good view but a fair one, harking back to a dark murky past of this terminal city. I could go on with specific elements in detail but words are superfluous.

(side note: thankful for the friends in my life) 

applying the subtext.

incapable of verbal communication, 

slack jawed idiot.

where, for that moment

 you  pull  my  focus

everything else in the world cease to consume,

i stop thinking, it’s beautiful. 

and it’s addicting, the withdrawal leaves me stain ridden stretched out wet cotton cashmere blend, where i roll them up to hide how worn they are. to fall inline with the clichéd idiom.
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Hey everyone! I usually don’t do this but it would be super awesome if y'all could help out.

This is a film that a couple of friends of mine are working on and I honestly believe that it could be super awesome if they get the budget :) so if you can, please donate! A dollar goes along way y'all, especially for some really talented kids who have been wanting to make this shit happen since last year.

If you can’t donate right now, it would be super helpful if you guys reblogged this and shared it as much as possible :)

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Owen and Claire take Bear to see The Force Awakens.

Okay, so I was going to do this - I think I still have the note in one of my docs. 

But, you know that bit in Part Three, where Bear makes Claire watch A New Hope and then makes her read the crawl? Well, I was going to do that, but in the cinema for TFA. (Inspired by a little boy and his mum sitting next to me, when I went), but I feel like if I write about Bear seeing TFA that it’ll be spoiler-y. I still have friends who haven’t seen it, so can’t do that. 

I am however still thinking about slotting it in but it’s also five years before the events of the film … so five years before TFA comes out … three years before Disney even buys the rights. Unless I’ve ruled myself redundant and referenced something from those last five years … have I? idek. it still feels like i left high school yesterday. it’s been almost three years. what is time? 


talking and touching Crispin Glover twice in 48hrs!