A Pastel Perspective by Chloe Sheppard

“Dreamy, pastel, and girl-oriented” is how 20-year-old Chloe Sheppard describes her work. And she does it really well: one look at her film photographs and you’re instantly transported to the charming, rebellious, and softly-colored world of fleeting girlhood. Chloe is based in London and is currently obsessed with “The O.C., the colour pink, and roses.” Aside from photography, she is passionate about music, the Seventies, and illustration. Her work has been featured on Dazed and Confused, NYLON Japan, Rookie, and Teen Vogue.

26 Piece Darkroom Kit For Sale:
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  • Four Yankee 8 X 10 processing trays, look new;
  • 6th edition of “Lootens on Photographic Enlarging & Print Quality.”  Hard cover book is in new condition, published in 1961.  Book is 248 pages of darkroom instruction material;
  • One King brand plastic 35mm developing tank, complete with instruction booklet and box.  Tank has not been used, made by Asanuma Co. of Japan. Book is in Japanese but has great, easy to follow photographs;

  • 1 Jobo 12" squeegee, new;
  • 1 Testrite 6" roller with good rubber;
  • 1 blower brush;
  • 6 plastic clips, three plastic stir wands, 3 bamboo tongs;
  • 2 Paterson plastic beakers, one 150 ML and one 650 ML, with metric & standard scales;
  • 1 plastic (West Germany) 1,000 ML beaker also with metric/standard scales;
  • 1 Kodak tray thermometer;
  • Partial pack of 8 X 10 Kodak RC print paper.  Pack of 25 feels mostly full, was opened in darkroom only.