Word On The Street: A New Mystery Product Will Be Unveiled Soon!

Pssst, have you heard the latest? We’re unveiling a brand new product very soon, and while we can’t give you any strong clues right now, we hope that you can still try to guess what it is. In honor of this mystery product, we’d like to reiterate why Lomography’s 10 Golden Rules is perfectly applicable to street photography.

Bill on the summit of Matthes Crest in Yosemite. I took this photo last summer during my first multi-pitch trad climb. I had never felt so vulnerable, exposed, or accomplished as I did at the end of this climb. Despite being very alert and conscious of every move I made, I felt at peace and kept thinking “if I die doing this, I would not regret it” and I realized that that’s what truly living feels like.

instagram: @brysonmalone

Incontournable… The landmark building at 88, Emmanouil Benaki and Arahovis streets. Of course, instead of this inadequately-stored-long-expired -and-probably-over-pushed-during-processing-old-HP5-film soup, you would rather check the photos taken by kyklothymia, for instance, or fleeting-incidents (both views from Arahovis street, round the corner) - or even try the google street view. What you don’t see in this Emmanouil Benaki str. view is the entrance to the Crêperie “Au grand zinc”. Anyway. Exarcheia, of course, Athens, Greece, December 2014.


by Qing Liu

Qing is a Master of Architecture student from China living in Sydney since the age of eight. Her inspiration comes from special moments in her life: “I can be inspired by the smallest things, from the way the sun falls on the curtain when I wake up, to the way someone sits in a cafe, or other times it may be a sentence from a book or a scene from a movie.”

In her beautiful images it is possible to perceive nostalgia and deep feeling since Qing admits being a nostalgic person who enjoys collecting items and reminiscing events that have happened in the past. And she adds: “…since everything is transient, for me, the camera is the best tool to distill everything in a concrete form. I wish to capture these memories in my photos and share them with likeminded people.”