Photographer Gilbert Blecken Captures Iconic Musicians on Film

Back in the 1990s, Gilbert Blecken was a big music fan and wrote for his own small music fanzine. He would interview bands in between sound checks and take photographs of them. He was never a professional photographer or worked for a company; he simply did it for his fanzine. Twenty years on, Gilbert’s photographs have matured into an amazing documentation of some of the biggest music icons of that era. We caught up with Gilbert to ask him about these photographs and the fascinating story behind them.

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Growing Out

"Lisbon is my home city, I’ve grown up here and I always have lived here and those are my main reasons to do this project. Based on what Stephen Shore said once about his own work: “showing people what they were not seeing" I invite the viewer to also walk along this routes so he can ask himself about this territory how he sees it and in what way he interprets something that is familiar, questioning hisown memory of a constant changing city defying the relationship between men andnature."

© João Pedro Machado


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