“It was tough to [both direct and act] - like to wear 2 hats - to be a director and direct myself, although I was an excellent actor to work with, you know what I mean? And I’m an amazing director to work for and my audition went REALLY well. I had a feeling I had it, you know what I mean?”

“You know, in all honesty it was tough because there’s the responsibility you have as a director to be an outside eye, then to be in a scene…and to be like…‘Cut! I was really good. YOU need to do xyz.’“  :-)

–  Joel Edgerton joking about directing himself in "The Gift”

August 24 

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Kristin Chenoweth and More Broadway Stars Turn Out For Stephen Karam’s First Movie

You get four Tony winners for the price of one in “Speech & Debate,” the upcoming movie based on Stephen Karam’s first play. The film is directed by Dan Harris and screening for potential distributors this fall.

Those performers and more were attracted not only by Karam’s ties to the theater world, but also by a storyline that celebrates high school theater-nerds everywhere. The film and the 2007 play that inspired it, which kickstarted Karam’s career and simultaneously launched the emerging-artist incubator Roundabout Underground, follow three misfit high school students who find their voices through the speech and debate team.

“I really do think of it as a love letter to anyone who did speech and debate or did the school play,” Karam, also the film’s screenwriter, said.

Lin-Manuel Miranda shows up in a brief, goofy role — it involves a VHS and harem pants (x)

hello police, this man kills me every day. please send help

Momentum Pictures has released the poster (above) and trailer (below) for Jack Goes Home, which hits select theaters and VOD on October 14. It premiered at SXSW back in March.

The film is written and directed by actor Thomas Dekker, best known for his roles in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Rory Culkin (Scream 4), Lin Shaye (Insidious), Daveigh Chase (The Ring), Louis Hunter (The Fosters), Natasha Lyonne (Orange is the New Black), Nikki Reed (Twilight), and Britt Robertson (Tomorrowland, Under the Dome) star.

The trailer and synopsis can be found below.

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topshoprockstar  asked:

pluto, taurus, leo :)

  • pluto:what is your biggest aspiration and why?

i think i’ve answered this question before (bc i’ve done this ask meme before i think cause it’s so cute) but i’m not really sure what my ‘aspiration’ is bc i’m not entirely sure what it means lmao because it’s so vague. if you mean what are my biggest dreams then idk i’ve always wanted to try making/directing short films and a part of me wants to try modeling???? it sounds hella stupid but idk

  • taurus:are you a dog or cat person?

ok but what about—and hear me out on this one okay– birds.

  • leo:what makes you the most confident?

whenever i draw or do something creative/artsy i get this feeling like “yeah this is it. this is what i need to do” and it’s wondeful

thanks for asking!! <3

Finally, a director with some sense.
  • Reporter:Well, the film [Shame] is quite shocking, isn't it?
  • Steve McQueen:Not particularly. We all have sex, we all see what Michael and Carey [Mulligan] have, as far as being naked. Maybe because it's onscreen it's shocking, but that's maybe because it hasn't been portrayed on screen. What's unfamiliar, at least to me, is someone with a gun shooting someone in the head. I think we made a film that was responsible. I don't care -- NC-17? Brilliant! Fantastic! Bring it on! I take full responsibility for it. I think most violent films are not responsible, they are completely opposite of responsible. Film should reflect real life. Otherwise, what's the point? Just make superhero movies all the time.
  • Reporter:So what bothers you on the screen?
  • McQueen:A crappy movie.
Harry Styles Tells His Dunkirk Film Crew That One Direction WILL Reunite

We hate to say that we told you so but Harry Styles has reportedly confirmed that One Direction will be reuniting in the not-so-distant future and the band are very much still together.

We bloomin’ knew it.

The star is currently filming his Hollywood movie debut in Christopher Nolan war epic ‘Dunkirk’, and sources say that he has been talking to the crew about One Direction’s future.

Speaking to HollywoodLife, the insider explained: “Occasionally people ask him about his singing and every time One Direction was brought up he talked about the guys very fondly.

"He talks as if they are still a thing.”

The source also gushed about what a great guy Harry is, revealing that he is one of the most popular people on set.

They added: “Harry is a great, great guy and Christopher Nolan and everyone on set love his drive and hard work. He really has been doing an unbelievable job and he should definitely keep acting.

"He asks questions and wants to do the best he can and he doesn’t take the job lightly. He is not a primadonna, and really wants to be one of the guys.”

His co-star Cillian Murphy had previously said that Harry will do “fantastically” in the acting world.

Originally posted by rizzo1d

Harry previously sparked rumours that he had no interest in returning to band life after signing a reported three-album, $80million contract with Columbia Records in June, with Liam Payne signing his own solo record contract just one month later.

However, Liam was keen to insist that he was simply going solo during the band’s break and that he had every intention to return.

Originally posted by lhrry

Harry, Liam, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan also proved that One Direction was never far from their minds when they each took to Twitter on the band’s sixth anniversary last month to tweet their love for one another and 1D.

So basically, we are definitely going to be keeping our fingers crossed that this is definitely not the end of One Direction. 


“There is not connective tissue between certain things in MULHOLLAND DR…. and that’s okay.”

One of the great delights of watching a David Lynch movie comes from the thrill of exploring the film’s mysterious depths. Here, in an online-exclusive clip from a new interview with actor Justin Theroux, conducted for Criterion’s release of Lynch’s heartbreaking Hollywood love story MULHOLLAND DR., the film’s costar discusses the confounding nature of Lynch’s work and the importance of creating your own interpretation of its meaning.


I’m so happy. I got to say, I got a pretty good job and a pretty good life. But directing a movie made me even happier than most experiences I’ve ever had. I feel very blessed having the whole thing roll on the way it has…The way it’s been received, it’s just like I’m brimming with excitement, and thrilled that it’s come along that way.”  

–  Joel Edgerton’s reaction to the positive reception of "The Gift" 


RIP Mike Nichols, the Invisible Director.

His touch was so subtle that it’s hard to pin down what really makes a Mike Nichols movie (save the fact that they’re critically acclaimed - The Graduate, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Closer). His favorite genre seemed to be “people trying really hard to be the ideal versions of themselves.” He was content to let great writing and great performances shine without any bells and whistles. No need to promote the storyteller’s brand when the story was what mattered.

For me, The Birdcage is the best example of Nichols’ tender and practical eye. He centered his actors, let the camera rest at eye level, and let Robin Williams and Nathan Lane talk around love.

Mike Nichols - thanks for bringing real humanity to the big screen for nearly 50 years.


“Gratitude (at the risk of sounding like a space captain). If you’re grateful for the opportunity you have to make a film and you communicate that gratitude to the people working for and with you, no problem is unsolvable. If you’re a yeller and a bully or you behave on set like making films is your destiny or entitlement, the world will turn against you in whatever way it can. Oh, and adrenaline is a pretty valuable asset too. Making films is hard. Being on set should be simultaneously terrifying and exhilarating. If it’s feeling easy, it probably means you’re not working hard enough.”

–  ‘Animal Kingdom’ writer/director David Michod's response when asked his opinion on the most important attributes for a film director

Photos: Michod pictured (at center) with 'Animal Kingdom’ cast members Ben Mendelsohn, James Frecheville, Sullivan Stapleton, and Joel Edgerton at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival where the film won the Grand Jury Prize; and on set with Jacki Weaver and Laura Wheelright