I'm not a woman directing in the film industry, I direct for the stage.

But I just wanted to give you a shout out to say how comforting and encouraging it was to read these posts. Theatre is a totally different industry, but female directors still catch the same shit over on this end. I’ve been labeled a control freak, accused of shutting down ideas, and had my decisions questioned and undermined at every turn. I’ve also gotten flack for not being “nurturing” enough. If I were a guy, I’m pretty sure my decisions would simply be called “strong directorial choices.” Even more discouraging? It was fellow women who were giving me hell for the most part on my last project. I’m still learning from all this, and I found a so much relief and solace while reading these posts. Keep it up the kick ass work!

[INFO] VIXX & ST★RLIGHTs’ Special Mission: ‘★PD, Please Take Care of VIXX TV!

Hello Starlights! This is the ST★FF.
Together with VIXX’s 3rd year anniversary, it has also been 3 years since the founding of VIXX TV, so here is a special mission with VIXX and ST★RLIGHT! ‘★PD, Please Take Care of VIXX TV!’

Starlights will become a one-day ★PD for 'VIXX TV2’ and will be deciding the broadcast from contents, scene direction, to filming!
We are giving you a special mission to personally make 'VIXX TV2’ :D

Is there something you want to try to create on 'VIXX TV2’ as a one-day ★PD?
If so create the details of content and please apply in the [별빛 우체통★] / [Starlight Mailbox★] board :)

The VIXX members will select six of the broadcast items, and after that Starlights will vote for the final item. The final item winner ★PD will make the contents, filming, and direction to reality in 'VIXX TV2’

Participation Requirements

  1. Must be a member of VIXX’s official fanclub 'ST★RLIGHT 1’
  2. Must have original and novel ideas
  3. Must be able to personally film and direct

Participation Time Period

  • ~ May 24, 2015 11:59 KST

How to Participate

  1. Go to the [별빛 우체통★] board
  2. Select [★PD] as the title in the dropbox
  3. Title - Title of what you hope to broadcast (10 or less characters, less than 2 lines at first. Can be changed later)
  4. Contents - Briefly write what you want to make with VIXX on 'VIXX TV2’ on a document, and then you must upload it as a file!!
  5. After you upload it, you must set your post to private as well as fill out your information 'Name, Starlight 2 membership number, phone number’

Format of file

  • Broadcast topic: No restrictions on filming time, location, etc.
  • Format: Word, PPT, image, videos, etc have no format restrictions so you must include 'Broadcast topic / What you plan to do / Filming contest’!

Winner Information

  • The winner will be contacted separately, and later schedules and details will be given then.


  • One membership number is allowed one post (*One post may contain many entries)
  • Use standard language / use appropriate nicknames and titles
  • No excessive lone consonants or vowels
  • No informal or alien language

We request Starlights’ original ideas and contents full of love
Thank you :D

Source: Fancafe
Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx


Hindu Gods & Goddesses to Star in Pixar’s Next Short

Pixar’s next animated short, Sanjay’s Super Team, will be released on Nov. 25, ahead of the feature film, The Good Dinosaur. The film is directed by Sanjay Patel, who previously released the delightfully illustrated kids’ book, The Little Book of Hindu Deities. (Note: Pics 2-4 are promo images for the book, NOT images from the Pixar short.)

According to the LA Times, “The seven-minute short begins with young Sanjay watching cartoons and eating cereal in a bland, beige room as his father jingles a bell, beckoning him to join in meditation. Reluctant and bored by the ceremony, Sanjay begins daydreaming a kind of ancient, Hindu version of The Avengers, with the gods appearing like superheroes. As the daydream progresses, the color, light and animation of the film grows increasingly dazzling and cosmic, and Sanjay grows closer to understanding his father’s inner world.“

“…the fundamental problem with Whedon’s recent take on the Marvel Cinematic Universe [is] his inability to do his best work in the collaborative crossover environment. The majority of the film’s flaws […] can be traced to this core issue: that Whedon, uncomfortable with the developments that other writers/directors in the Phase Two cohort had implemented, chose to ignore the majority of those developments in favor of making a film that was a direct sequel to The Avengers, rather than a sequel to the Phase Two films as a whole.”

Scream Factory will release a Dog Soldiers Collector’s Edition Blu-ray + DVD combo pack on June 23. The excellent 2002 werewolf film is written and directed by Neil Marshall (The Descent). It received a new 2K HD transfer.

Special features:

  • Commentary with director Neil Marshall (new)
  • The Making of Dog Soldiers featuring director Neil Marshall, producers Christopher Figg  and Keith Bell, actors Kevin McKidd, Sean Pertwee, Darren Morfitt, Leslie Simpson and Emma Cleasby, special effects artist Bob Keen, special effects supervisor Dave Bonneywell, production designer Simon Bowles and director of photography Sam McCurdy (new)
  • A look at the model of the sets created by production designer Simon Bowles (new)
  • Theatrical trailer
  • Neil Marshall’s short film: Combat
  • Two still halleries – photos from the film and rare photos from production designer Simon Bowles and special effects artist Dave Bonneywell’s archives

We are still far-off from our fundraising goal, so please take a moment to support this critical Indigenous art, music, & film festival. Without your direct support, this festival is not possible. This is the first festival of its kind that features a strong selection of Native artists with a large contingent of female and queer artists whose voices deserve exposure.

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Deadline: May 13th, 2015

babu’s gonna be back for sure (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
babu better get the fuck out this time I swear (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
it also better confirm my headcanon (•⊙ω⊙•)

on a serious note, do you think that if I asked them to produce/film/direct BDSIII we’d get it faster? Cos I think we’d get it faster lmao it’s such a mess.

These guys’ll probably have produced and released 4 movies during the time Duffy needed to get off his ass between BDSII and BDSIII. Like what even in the.  By the time we’ll get BDSIII (if we ever get it), other guys managed to get out an entire trilogy between BDSII and BDSII how is this happening?????

Heavy Metal in Baghad is not only a movie about a band – Iraqi thrash metallers Acrassicauda – but is a movie about what happens to a bunch of regular headbangers live and survive in a brutal war zone.

It is a brave, marauding film that blends the challenges of starting a band in a totalitarian dictatorship with the utter joy of thrashing doom riffs and covering Metallica.

It was one of the first full length films made by Vice, directed by chief creative officer Eddy Moretti and fronted by co-founder Suroosh Alvi.

The doc originated after MTV News hack and The Newsroom writer Gideon Yago discovered the band on a trip to Iraq and wrote a piece for Vice magazine.

Heavy Metal in Baghad features the fear and paranoia of both living, and travelling to, Iraq and subsequently Syria with incredible footage of the dangers of the country, where Apache helicopters zoom by the windows, as well as the chaos of organising concerts in venues such as the Al Sayed Hunting Club, Uday Hussein’s favourite party spot.

Finally, a director with some sense.
  • Reporter:Well, the film [Shame] is quite shocking, isn't it?
  • Steve McQueen:Not particularly. We all have sex, we all see what Michael and Carey [Mulligan] have, as far as being naked. Maybe because it's onscreen it's shocking, but that's maybe because it hasn't been portrayed on screen. What's unfamiliar, at least to me, is someone with a gun shooting someone in the head. I think we made a film that was responsible. I don't care -- NC-17? Brilliant! Fantastic! Bring it on! I take full responsibility for it. I think most violent films are not responsible, they are completely opposite of responsible. Film should reflect real life. Otherwise, what's the point? Just make superhero movies all the time.
  • Reporter:So what bothers you on the screen?
  • McQueen:A crappy movie.