Good news everyone! Cinema Relics has created a live-action Futurama fan film using with such awesomely realistic prosthetics and special effects that takes all our favorite characters on a nosedive deep into the uncanny valley. It’s called Fan-O-Rama and you can watch the trailer here:

Keep an eye on the Fan-O-Rama website or follow Cinema Relics on Instagram for updates on this geektastic movie.

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The most existential show on television is a cartoon about an alcoholic horse
BoJack Horseman continues its singular exploration of empty, hollow lives


With just two syllables, the final moment of BoJack Horseman’s second season suggested that the alcoholic anthropomorphic horse was on the mend, that things could — would — get better. In front of a swath of bright green grass, looking up towards the sky, BoJack had his epiphany.

Season three, which dropped on Netflix on Friday, begins in darkness, with BoJack intoning, “It’s a dream come true.” And for a precious, fugacious moment, you almost believe him. Then you remember that this is BoJack talking, and dreams end the second you open your eyes.

BoJack Horseman is the most genuinely existential show on TV. It actually understands existentialism instead of relying on a Wikipedia summary. One acerbic throwaway joke involves BoJack mocking people’s misunderstanding of Sartre as an excuse to be awful people (the French hate him; also, they smell). Instead of pontificating on the meaningless of life, like so much misery porn, the show allows its characters to create meaning — if they want to. But not everyone can be saved. Some people don’t want to be. Some shouldn’t be.

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Deadpan John Goodman is king of Kong: Skull Island Comic-Con panel
Star discusses behaviour of title character – whose real name is ‘Leo’– while Eddie Redmayne dishes out wands at Fantastic Beasts Potter panel
By Sam Thielman

Be careful what you ask John Goodman, who stars in Kong: Skull Island. What started as an innocuous question at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, about reviving a classic movie franchise, was turned into an impressive comic riff about working with one of the biggest stars around.

“You always had to call him Kong or Mr Kong, you couldn’t call him by his name, which is Leo,” a stone-faced Goodman recalled in a panel in Comic-Con’s voluminous Hall H.

“But when the chips are down he’s a hell of a performer. He’s got the goods. He’s earned the right to be a little cranky. He was always 20 minutes late for make-up, but he was never drunk on set.

“You’d hear stories about riding on the top of taxicabs or chartering boats and putting it on the company, but he turned out to be an OK guy. He won’t do press, though. He won’t ever do press.”

The second half of the Warner Bros presentation, after more than an hour of movies based on comic books, opened with a panel on the reinvented King Kong franchise featuring Goodman, director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, Brie Larson and the belle of the Comic-Con ball, Tom Hiddleston, best known as Loki in the Marvel Comics movies.

“Thank you, ma’am, for that,” Hiddleston said to an unseen audience member who yelled at him as he took the stage. “I love you, too.”

The cast took a few quick questions, including one from a young woman who wanted to know what the actors did when they needed to unwind. Goodman’s deadpan won the day again.

“I like to watch Roseanne and say the lines before the characters,” he said.


You know this camp of idiotic and misogynistic assholes who threw a hissy fit about the very idea of a Ghostbusters reboot starring female leads? Or complained when 2 out of 8 Star Wars movies have a female lead? Or who called Mad Max: Fury Road ‘feminist propaganda’? Yeah, those idiots are going to attack the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.

I mean, it’s a part of perhaps the single most hated superhero franchise at the moment, it’s main character has feminism, female empowerment and gender equality built into her creative DNA the same way Batman has ‘brooding loner’ built into him, and Chris Pine plays a character who apparently mainly serves as the love interest. Rabid sexist assholes are going to tear this movie apart for the smallest of things.

I can’t wait for the day when people can get excited for a female led movie without having to worry about idiots who can’t handle 1 out of 100 movies having a female lead. But for now, this is going to happen. It sucks, but it’s inevitable. It won’t be as bad as with Ghostbusters since Wonder Woman is well loved by most, if not all of the geek community. Hopefully, it will be a small percentage of the internet. But it’s going to happen all the same. We may as well accept that now and prepare for it.