SYRIA. Aleppo governorate. Aleppo. September 27, 2016. The ruins of Aleppo, reduced to a ghost city, where more than 250,000 civilians are trapped in basements and rudimentary shelters. Stills of a drone footage.

Aleppo is currently experiencing the heaviest bombardment campaign seen in the five year old war. Barrel bombs, phosphorus, napalm, cluster bombs and now bunker buster bombs have been indiscriminately unleashed on rebel-held areas. The airstrikes have killed hundreds, most of them civilians, especially children, since the end of a week long ceasefire, ten days ago.

Photographs: Handout via Reuters TV


Alexander McQueen | Spring/Summer 2014 | Campaign Film  


Wales’ Euro 2016 campaign is being made into a documentary that will be released in the UK on 3 March


Paws at the traffic lights! Giant male lion is seen prowling around the streets of South Africa’s biggest city (but it’s not as dangerous as you’d think)

This is the moment a giant male lion was spotted strolling down the streets of South Africa’s biggest city in the middle of the night.  

The big cat was seen prowling around a residential area in Johannesburg and at one point clambered up to rest its front legs on the back of a car. But residents were later reassured that the lion, called Columbus, was not on the loose - and had been brought in by a production crew for filming.

Columbus had been borrowed from a nearby lion park and the area was fenced off while the animal, which has starred in a number of films and advertising campaigns, is tame.  

However, a row broke out after it emerged that the local film company had failed to notify authorities about the stunt.

According to the Johannesburg Roads Agency, the filming had not been cleared and the film company had not gained permission to close several roads.    

The JRA was contacted to find out if a movie, starring a fully-grown lion, was being filmed in the city and whether producers were given clearance by the company to close off roads in the area.  

According to the lion park, it is not the first time that Columbus has courted the limelight and has previously appeared in a film named Blended and also numerous adverts.

Irvaan Dolley, from Ibiza, Spain, who witnessed the lion walk past, said: ‘It was a strange sight to see the lion strolling throught the city like that and my first thought was to run. But it swiftly turned out that the situation was under control and we weren’t in any danger, despite the lion being so close by.“ 

'The lion was actually part of a film production taking place Johannesburg City Centre. So it wasn’t roaming around freely as expected on social media.’  

Zanta Myeza, from the JRA, said: 'We sit down with the JOC to get all the people who are involved into the same room - including the police department - to see if we all agree on something like that taking place. 'The people who were there were taking chances.’

AU prompts based on my life
  • I just moved into a new apartment and went to buy groceries, but I bought more than I could carry back. I’ve stopped to catch my breath when I hear someone asking if I need help and I look up and the sun is literally making you glow like a damn angel.
  • I work at a public market and some viral advertising campaign is filming videos across from my stall. And therefore blocking my stall. Listen, buddy, I know you’re just a P.A. but this is getting ridiculous- oh shit you’re cute.
  • Alternately, you work in the stall next to mine and neither of us can get any work done because of the film crew. And I’ve been dying to talk to you forever. So…hey.
  • We’re scene partners in an acting class and our scene involves a kiss. The teacher wants to cut it. I really, really don’t.
  • I saw you on the street while out with my friend; they encouraged me to talk to you but I figured there was no point. A bit later, we walk into a nearby shop and- oh my god I never thought I’d see you again but there you are.
  • You live in the apartment across from mine. You’re always walking around shirtless. That is so rude; who do you think you are?

ss17 women’s “ROSES OF WAR” resort collection film campaign part 2 directed by @fabienmontique

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“Les Sapeurs” Nikki Billie Jean Ready-To-Wear 2016 Collection Campaign

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Fashion Designer/Wardrobe Stylist: Nikki Billie Jean

Producer: All Things Ankara

Creative Director/Co-Producer: Troy Massa

Photographer: By Sir Arthur

Filmmaker: Brendan Lyn

Make-Up Artist: Ronke Raji

Hair Stylist: Soul Chic Boutique

Models: Armanda Tounghi, Wilson Ebo, Khalif Nelson, Yaw Osei & Arnold Philip

Fabric: All Things Ankara Store

Bike: College Park Bicycles

Special Thanks: Nicholas Orji & Ibironke Akintaju (Nikki’s Brother & Mom)