Dido & Mabel + Dido’s self consciousness and bonding (extract taken from script)

DIDO, in night-clothes, drags a brush through tight ringlets. She stops, observes, a moment as ELIZABETH runs a comb through her own silken hair. DIDO You are so beautiful, Bette. A tentative knock and MABEL enters - DIDO becomes tense. MABEL speaks gently - strong Welsh accent. […] MABEL pauses as DIDO struggles with her hair. MABEL Can I help you with that, Miss Lindsay? DIDO struggles once again, wrenching the brush. MABEL You must start from the ends, miss. DIDO stares at her - a long beat

Candle lit faces… DIDO’s reflection in the mirror - her hair separated into four sections. In the reflection BG, ELIZABETH sits serenely watching MABEL brushing through each section from ends to roots. MABEL (CONT’D) My Mam taught me, see? DIDO stares at her a moment, some kind of pain resonates in her eyes as her face softens and she begins to relax.